Apple iPhone 11 in India Review: The Perfect Blend of Price and Experience

Apple iPhone 11 in India

Apple iPhone 11 in India: The three variants of iPhone 11 costing Rs 64,900 (64GB), Rs 69,900 (128GB) and Rs 79,900 (256GB), but users of Amazon and Flipkart have bought the latest smartphone models on special discounts.

The Craze of Apple iPhone 11 in India

The craze of Apple iPhone 11 in India is proved with the fact that the product went out of stock on the day of its launch. Many people were curious to know the reason for the craze. So, it was necessary to share a review of Apple iPhone 11 models. The best line to review the latest iPhone models would be to say that it is the perfect combination of specifications, features and the price. Though the price of Apple products is always high, and the same is the case with iPhone some people doubted if the phone is overpriced and this review will answer all these queries.

The Apple iPhone 11 In India Is Not Over Priced

In the first half of the year, the iPhone became the best-selling smartphone in the world. What was more fascinating was the fact that the combination of second and third most selling phones was very lesser than the sales of iPhone XR. This fact clears that buyers had no problem with buying expensive devices. The preceding device of apple was not free from faults. Many users criticized the phone because it only had an LCD, the fact that it only ad a single camera also disappointed them.

Fans were that is why waiting for the latest iPhone 11 because the company would, obviously, offer the high-tech features in the latest iPhone 11 models. The fact that these models have the lowest cost as compared to the other upcoming Apple smartphones. The company announced three variants; 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and their costs are 64900, 69000, and 79900 respectively. The fact that buyers could get high discounts on the latest apple smartphones on the pre-orders on Amazon, Flipkart and Paytm Mall heightened the craze even more; that is the reason why all the available devices were sold on the first day.

Difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

Reviewing the new tech-gadget in one line, we would say, it is the upgraded version of the iPhone XR. The buyers had complaints that the XR version had a single camera, so Apple resolved the issues. The latest model of iPhone 11 has a dual-camera setup including the all-new wide camera and ultra-wide camera. The design has been changed as the glass at the back now has a no-joint fit and is more powerful than XR model. The size and resolution of the LCD screen is still the same, but the display of new model surely looks better. The latest models of Apple is, therefore, better than the previous version and is a perfect combination of price and features.


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