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Korean Shows

Love for Korean Shows is like an addiction. Once you watch a segment, you would strive to continue further. So, if you have ever seen any of them, and wish to get access to more options, then Flypped is there to assist you. We have prepared a list of Top Korean Drama Series you must start with. Even if you haven’t watched any K-Drama till now but have heard about the Hallyu (the global fan-following of K-Pop and Drama), and wanna start with your first Korean Show, then we have introduced some great series you must watch.

The central theme of most of these serials is the lives of young women in their 20s and 30s. After the American shows, whom we have so far preferred, these shows have given rise to a new culture. Most of the series end within 16 to 20 episodes, which is enough to take you into their world.

The shows are not only preferred for the emotional journey of the characters in a complexed plot, but also the unique theme with strong-willed women, and emotional men and are definitely challenging patriarchy in some way or the other.

Here is the list of Top Korean Shows You Can Start With

The fact that the Koran Actors have become style icon and trendsetters has also boosted their fan following. Apart from these reasons, the shows are also preferred for the amazing content as well as engaging soundtracks. The fact that there was no fun or fluffy entertainment left in Indian Shows has fueled the craze for K-Drama. The below shows offer humor elements along with the unique scripts, and if you have just started your journey with such shows, then you must watch all these series on Online Streaming Platforms.

1. Romance Is A Bonus Book

Who is there who doesn’t prefer watching a beautiful world? This shows exactly this. It’s like seeing the world with “beautify camera” glasses. Though people preferring realist drama might have their opinions, the freshness of the locations, dresses, and people do attract the viewers.

It is the story of a single mother Kang Dan-I, who had been divorced and is struggling in her professional life as she is unable to work as she initially used to do. She, who is a trained marketer, has to start from the beginning and work like fresher hiding her work experience, and degrees.

2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The best part of Korean Shows is that the women are not bound to the home. They have complexed lives, but these complications include their friends, work, and ambitions and not the nagging MIL. The 2. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo is about an ambitious wrestler named Kim Bok Joo. She becomes a wrestler as her father wanted her to become one but soon realized it’s not her passion and she does not even like it.

Did you, by the way, noticed Amir’s cruelty towards his daughters in the movie Dangal. They were forced to become wrestlers, and it was not their passion. The major themes of this show are Trauma, Ambition, Concept of Beauty, Femininity, etc.

3. Something In The Rain

It is one of the highest-rated shows of 2018 and is more intense than other light rom-com ones. Protagonist Yoon Jin-ah realizes that her boyfriend is a cheat and breaks up with her. The story, however, starts after this incident as she has to struggle with marriage and work pressures.

The show offers a woman journey who is tested at a time. She has to figure out what she wants from life, and in the journey, she works hard, makes mistakes, and learns from them. The idea of women being allowed to learn from their mistakes is completely invisible in Indian shows where women are expected to be perfect and free from flaws.

Abuse, Stalking, Work Politics, Harassment, and all such themes dominate Something In The Rain Series.

4. Her Private Life

The central elements of Her Private Life are Workplace romance, Romantic Plotline, Characters reconnecting from the past, and how they have changed since then. It is also the story of a woman named Sung Deok Mi who is obsessive about Art and a POP Star. The male protagonist Ryan Gold who is a decent and well-mannered celebrity, acceptance of LGBT character as normal, and female desire is what keeps us tied to the plot.

5. Coffee Prince

Koran Drama has given some classic love stories such as Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers remain on top. The show was aired in 2007, and women till now discuss their love-hate emotions for the same. The best part of the show is the acting skills. The show reveals Choi Han Kyul, who is about to inherit a fortune and he starts a coffee shop with the money. There is meet Eun Chan who disguises as a man to save her job.

The show also questions same-sex attraction as Choi starts loving Eun and questions his attraction towards the same gender. Other ruling themes of the show are unhealthy relationships, the idea of a good wife, independence and ambitions, etc.


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