Are You maintaining Proper Hydration while exercising


If a person is an athlete or a warrior, whatever is the identity of a person but internal body composition remains the same. It is very necessary to keep self Hydration during exercises. But the question comes, how much one has to drink when to drink and what to drink before and after the exercises.

Why hydrate?

We are aware our body contains water approximately 60% and it plays a vital role in the proper functioning of our body and maintains a good living. So, it is obvious when one does the exercise, will lose a lot of fluid in the form of sweat and breathe.

If we don’t fill this loss back we will naturally get dehydrated. Water supplies fuel to our muscles, so drinking water before, during and after exercise will enhance energy levels, and may help to prevent cramps.

Hydration before exercise

During summers it is very essential to drink water before the exercises as, in hot weather, the water itself comes out in the form of sweat. If dehydrated before exercising then the core temperature of the body will rise faster and heart will have to work harder than usual.

This will affect our performance and we may face heatstroke. Drinking will keep one fit throughout the exercises and also one will enjoy doing it.

To check if our body is hydrated, see the colour of urine. If it is pale yellow, then the body is hydrated and normal.

Fluids take time to be absorbed into the body. Drink gradually during the day and intentionally drink around 500ml of fluid at least four hours before the exercise. Then again drink 500 ml, 15 minutes before the exercise.

Hydration during exercise

People usually say water should not be consumed once you are exercising but it is not so, It is important to drink water during a workout. Always carry a water bottle with you and keep drinking in between but little. Being dehydrated can affect our energy levels as our muscle cells contain 75% water, so if one is short on fluid, will feel the strain. Drinking little in between will give one the best workout. How much one needs to drink will depend on sweating and the length of the exercises.

Hydration after exercise

After the exercises are over, the body demands the fluid to drink. One feels good and refreshing, but it will also restore the lost fluid levels which help muscles to recover.

Are sports drinks good?

The array of sports drinks on the market can be amazing but they contain lots of added sugar. So it’s tough to know which to choose and if they truly offer any benefit.

Anyways, if one is doing reasonable amounts of exercise, then no need of any drink. Only water is the best thing to drink during and after a workout. But on hard training, sports drinks are useful. If one is exercising for longer than an hour, sports drinks or even just squash can help you keep going for longer. They contain carbohydrates (sugar) and electrolytes like sodium, potassium and magnesium, which get lost though sweat.

Make your own sports drink

It is always better to make own drink at home as market drinks contain lots of sugar in it. Dissolve 200ml squash in 800ml water and add a large pinch of salt.

If one is training for a successful event like a marathon or triathlon, consult a dietitian for advice.

Drinking too much?

Excess drinking can potentially be harmful as it can cause a rare condition called hyponatraemia. The salts get dilutes in the excess water in our body and cells may swell up, which cause a number of problems. The amount one has to drink to get hyponatraemia varies hugely from person to person. The symptoms include feeling confused or disorientated, difficulty in balancing, a headache, feeling sick or vomiting, feeling bloated, in a worst-case scenario, severe hyponatraemia can lead to a coma, seizures (fits) and even death.

If one has any of the above symptoms during in-between hydration seek urgent medical advice.

“Keep Fit by Doing Exercises”

“But Be Hydration”


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