Arrest Warrant against Mohammed Shami: Bowler Shami Has To Surrender in 15 Day

Mohammed Shami

Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami is again in headlines, but this time, it is not about his performance in the match. The Calcutta Court has issued an arrest warrant against him, and he has to appear within 15 days. Mohammed Shami is currently out of India as he has joined Indian Cricket Team for the India Tour of West Indies. He is playing the second, and the final test match for India vs West Indies Test Series.

Mohammed Shami: Charged Under IPC Section 498A

The case relates to the 2018 incident when his wife Hasin Jahan filed a complaint against him. In the complaint, she accused her husband Shami and his brother for domestic violence, and both of them had charged under the IPC Section 498A.

Shami had since then not appeared before the court. He did not even submit his statement regarding the accusation of domestic violence. It was not expected from Shami, who is one of the most celebrated cricketers of India.

It has been a year since Hasin Jahan, his wife, publicly imputed him for violence. Shami and Jahan, both have publicized their disputes in media. In April this year, Jahan created a scene at her husband’s house, and was taken into custody, but was later released.

Mohammed Shami’s Statement

When a reporter asked Shami’s perspective on the matter, he replied that his only focus is his game, and he has decided not to let Jahan and her allegations affect his performance. This is what the Indian Bowler said to the interviewer, “I hope everything remains fine. Whatever is the outcome, I am ready to face it. Cricket life meinhai to sab kuchhai.

That is the only thing I am bothered about. I don’t care about the allegations or what will happen eventually. Right now, I am not thinking even zero percent about it. I won’t let it affect me,”

This is What Hasan Has To Say

According to Hasan though the police are biased, and that is the reason the investigation has taken so long. She said in an interview that, “I thank all of you for coming here. I have called you today because today is the date for filing the charge sheet. No arrest warrant has been issued against him nor has he taken any anticipatory bail.”

After the Amorha police arrested her from Shami’s house, Hasan said, “Police have not arrested Shami Ahmed as I have filed cases against him. Police have harassed me rather than him… This suggests that Shami Ahmed can do anything with any common people but he will not get punishment as he is an international cricketer. Some media are just producing news against me for their own agenda.”

Such lines of Hasan have impacted the court, as the court has issued an arrest warrant which orders Shami to appear before the court in the coming 15 days. For now, Shami is not present, and we will share the latest news about Mohammed Shami arrest warrant once he returns from the India Tour of West Indies.


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