As a newly married girl, how do I reduce the usage of a mobile phone and the internet?

As a newly married girl, how do I reduce the usage of a mobile phone and the internet?

As a newly married girl, how do I reduce the usage of a mobile phone and the internet?

Every girl dreams of becoming a bride someday. Cladded in that astonishing shiny Lehanga Paired with the Jhumkaas (ear rings) and Bangles, to hone it further, pairing it with a Natthni (nose ring), thus forming complete ravishing attire, one can clad into. Everybody desires to see the bride at the day of the wedding!

For girls! It’s one hell of a memory to stash!

BRIDE- A woman with a fine prospect of happiness behind her!

This is the new phase in your life where you undergo a lot of changes be it, physically, mentally or emotionally.

Now being a new member of your new family, socializing becomes quintessential as everyone wants to meet you!!

In the mean time, if your engrossed in your cell phone, like the times, before marriage, then this may not only throw a negative impression of yours  on the people around, but may also isolate you from  the new members of your new haven!

75% women claim that smart phones have ruined their relationships. They claim that rather than spending time with their spouses, both of them are always busy on their phones, God knows doing what!

A true addiction it has become nowadays!

Few women claim that even during an important conversation with their spouses, none fail to lift their phones from rest! This attitude lights up a serious sight on the relationship as slowly, priorities may change, thus creating post marital problems and stress!

It is seen that 40% of women undergo divorces as their husbands or in-laws don’t like their talking on the phone too much!

To overcome from the addiction, the brides can try these amazing tricks:

SOCIALIZE: try to be around new members of the family and have a healthy interaction with everyone! This will not only get you in their good books but will also distract you from your addiction of phone.

KEEP YOUR PHONE AWAY: try not to keep your phones near you. Keep it in your bedroom or somewhere, from where you can only listen and respond if there’s someone calling you!

SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR SPOUSE: make sure, when you both are together, after a long day or  at any time of the day, keep both of yours smart phones aside, his as well as yours and then savor and build the romance!

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COOK: this is something; I believe that everyone must learn, irrespective of the gender, as cooking as a hobby is an amazing distraction that can even fill your tummy with delicious feasts!

BOUND YOUR TIME TO USE PHONE: plan for the time duration, for using it! Duration must be fixed, but the timings might differ!

PLAN A WIFI-WEAK VACATION: plan for the vacations at regular intervals, where the signals are weak and thus, you and your spouse can get to spend a nice time together!

PLAN YOUR PRIORITIES: this is the most important thing in a relationship! As your priorities today will shape your future tomorrow!

Dun worry, just try them out and they will surely help you. Be a soulful bride and prove to be a doting wife! All the very best for your life ahead with your man!


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