Is Your Child Addicted to Tablet or Laptop? Here’s How to Prevent the Eyes Problem

Is your child addicted to tablet or laptop
Is your child addicted to tablet or laptop

Children of today’s era have the pleasure to use various technologies for their studies and sometimes for their recreation, laptops and tablets are now used by maximum kids of all the age and the best part is kids learn using these systems by merely watching us, but they hardly realize that the excess use of laptops and tablets is adversely affecting their health. In the recent research it isfound that children are now more prone to eyes related problems even ahead before their ages which is not good for them. These problems can range from physical fatigue, decreased productivity and increased numbers of work errors, to minor annoyances like eye twitching and red eyes. So, it is time the parents proactively look after the number of hours their kid is sitting in front of the system.

Here are some ways which can help you in keeping the eyes of your kids safe

Always ask your kids to sit at a safe distance from the laptops or tablets. The harmful rays coming from them get reduced after a particular distance. So, the kids should always watch their favorite stuff from a particular distance.

Try using a screen guard on the laptops, these screen guard can to an extent absorb the color radiations emitted by the tablets thus preventing the eyes of our little ones.

Maintain proper lighting in the room. Excess of it or less amount of lighting is equally harmful for the eyes so care has to be taken for it.

Allow the kids to use the tablets only for a fixed duration and generally for short duration, continuously watching laptops for long duration can make their eyes dry so while they are watching movies on the laptops always ask them to take a break from the same for a while.

There are some simple yet fruitful exercises which you can ask your kids to do at frequent intervals to prevent their eyesight

If possible ask your kids to walk barefoot on green grass early morning, it is found that the dew and the moisture on the grass helps your eyesight.

Always get their eyesight test done at regular interval and after consulting the doctor you can always use some mild eyedrops available in market especially for kids. Use of these eyedrops at regular intervals will help you to prevent their eyes from drying up.

Always wash their eyes with clean water at regular interval to keep any dirt out and the eyes would relax as well.

Ask you kidsto blink their eyes at a regular interval, this is the natural way of the human body to maintain the eye’s lubrication.

Give them some vitamin A rich diets including veggies andfruits of red color, vitamin A is necessary for the eyesight.

Following these simple steps can definitely help you in preventing the eye sights of your kids.


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