Life with and without mobile phone

Life with and without mobile phone
Life with and without mobile phone

Communication in today’s time is much easier in comparison to the earlier ages, all thanks to the latest technologies and the inventions. But we should always remember technology is both a curse and a blessing to the mankind. Mobile is one such invention which comes with its own benefits and drawbacks but it is up to us how we use this blessing of technology so that it does not become a curse in the coming time. Here is a quick comparison of the lives with and without mobiles:

Mobile phones have truly helped us a lot by keeping us connected to each other at all the hours of the day, making communication very easy. In earlier days where we had just one landline that too at home mobile phones can be carried anywhere and everywhere and we can connect to each other immediately. The messages can be delivered instantaneously to the concerned person without any delay. Mobile phone is actually a blessing for the working couples specially because through phones and different tracking applications they can keep an eye on their kids most of the time.

Along with this comes the major challenge related to our health, it is medically proven that the waves coming from the phones can actually affect our health very badly. Excess use of the phone can cause brain tumor and Alzheimer’s diseases in some cases. Mobile phones can equally harm our ears and using these phones in incorrect postures can create a lot of trouble with our body postures,so one needs to be extremely careful while using mobiles phone.

Talking again of the benefits of the mobiles, with so many features coming up in mobiles like music internet, games, news, weather and to name a few, you can actually keep yourself updated about various things happening around you most of the times and it helps you in many adverse situations as well.

Another drawback of mobile phones is that since people can easily connect through phones they hardly get enough time to visit each other and spend some quality time with their families thus although reducing the distance it is creating a big gap between the families. This is not only affecting relations but is also making people a patient of depression. The number of depression cases have drastically grown up in the world after the invention of mobile phones. Even if we are with families we are often too busy in our mobiles that we hardly notice each other sitting under the same roof. We try to be partially everywhere but are left out with completely nowhere. It’s often true you cannot make yourself available to everyone at the same time, so we have to divide our work and family time accordingly and should use the mobiles only whenever necessary.

So, we can say that the invention of the mobile phones is actually a blessing for us until we use it in safe and proper way.


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