Avengers: Infinity war movie review- The Marvel which has left no stone unturned to reach out to everyone’s expectations and is worth all the buzz


The movie Avengers: Infinity war, beholds two of the most astonishing factors that have set its ball rolling with burgeoning apprehensions:

One is that the movie is finally here post its ten years of accretion and the second one is that the movie has left no stone unturned to reach out to the people’s expectations with a buzzing hype!

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This is claimed to be an apt tide of the movie event, a whiff of a theatrical milestone and also a dewy sky-high bar for the dramatic entertainment. It’s a whole shebang that comprises of everything that’s the most expected along with the ones that are the least expected. It is also known to be explicitly dark and perplexing, so get ready to experience the most amazing series of events with a large bucket of popcorns!

However, the plot and the cast of the movie is already well comprehended and digested by its crazy fans. Every fanatic for this movie is well aware of what’s happening and who is descending the earth to once again put an end to this Universe. It’s Thanos (Josh Brolin) who tends to make his entry post his years of vexing with the lingering purpose of business and by the business he means an eventual heralding of death and devastation.

The Captain America’s Russo brothers have seized over the reigns from Joss Whedon, and it is believed to be an astonishingly on-track move. This movie is phenomenally alluring due to its varied hymning tone along with its mind-blowing casts, showcasing their hypnotism without the necessity of being subtly cheesy and a crackerjack. The movie, however, comprises of an undeterred callousness that is not seen in any of the previous series. The movie’s story also promises to be a tough nut to crack with an absolute thought of ‘who’s going to die next?’ , on the contrary, and hence,  gives you and your clan a blissful experience to relish this action-packed-drama movie, along with, gaping at the unveiling of the soul-devoid Thanos.

The movie tends to be in a perfect yin and yang balance, which at one moment entices and persuades you to get absorbed in the movie’s emotions and drama and just when those tears are at the brimming verge of your eyes, there’s  portrayal of the ceaseless forged humour drama that makes you roll with laughter. 

Kudos! to Russos for drawing out such multitudes of varying tone-shifts while juggling the crawl with the other core characters,  which can only be comprehended by the multiple viewings and meticulous scrutinization of this movie. The script also tends to possess a jaw-dropping visual congruity and transparency with the harbinger of the twister that the script tends to bind within itself.

Besides, the movie is then packed with the action scrunching, tower demolishing, planet jumping, and the various other knee-jerking action-moves that have embarked another level of utilizing CGI for the unchastened entertainment. Despite the years of enticing the viewers with the spaceships hovering and the sky-scrapers crumbling to the grounds, this movie is set to notch-up a different level of experience and also urges its viewers to watch it twice or thrice in order to differentiate and decide among the best actions in this exclusive action-ladened entertainment. This movie is a complete package of the combination of both Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy, thus, presenting the audience with plethora of entertainment.


This movie is also believed to be dark and perplexing that would end up frightening the children with its horrendous effects with the parents awing at the demonstration of  horror in a Marvel movie. However, this is considered a really good sign as horror movies require a mainstream platform for it to be streamlined and there would never have been a better platform for showcasing it, other than one of the biggest cinema franchises of all the time. So, an applause to Disney and Marvel for having the guts to try out something new and picturise it so astonishingly well. There’s known to be a Greek tragedy narrative maneuvering that we last witnessed in Ang Lee’s Hulk film, but it’s brand new and varied execution in a more emotionally charged manner is by the Russos in Avengers: Infinity War.

Lastly, yes, Thanos has proved to be a great MCU villain with sufficient austerity and shadiness to make him appear enough scary and interesting. He is claimed to play a very grand role in the movie with his reflection of the cold-drabness in almost every scene. The Avengers have maintained their cool sh***y and fancy usual image, but this movie has also showcased the villain to be more alluring, thus, keeping its audience gripped to their seats with apprehension and anxiety.

To sum it up, it is a great movie with a great experience, so just hit the theatres and awe in astonishment at its amazing direction and cinematic effects, brimming with action, drama and everything just picture perfect!   


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