Be Your Own Doctor: Some #DoItYourself Physical Fitness Tests

Physical fitness

Very often we find that we are not as fit as one should be and also ignore the small things and only rush to doctor when something drastic happens. There is a beautiful saying “Nip the Evil in the Bud.” This is what we have to do for ourselves to keep us fit and fine. One can become their own doctor, by keeping certain important things in mind, only on the basis of Physical Fitness. If one finds the error in the self-done a physical fitness test, then it is a warning for the one to rectify the error.


Performing Physical fitness Tests

Hearing test

Select a soundless or very quiet room for testing this physical fitness, bring one hand near to your respective hand ear, and rub the thumb and index finger together slowly till you can hear the sound of the rubbing. Repeat this with the other hand for the other ear. Till the age of 60 years, a person with normal hearing can hear this sound clearly from a distance of about 15 to 20 cms away.

Muscle to fat ratio test

Slim people should not be under the wrong impression that they are perfect could be their muscle to fat ratio is an imbalance. Fat located in the abdominal area is especially bad as it may take you to a higher risk of cardiac diseases. Measure your abdomen and chest with a tape. If the measurement of the abdomen is bigger than the chest, there is an indication of excessive fat in the abdominal area. Ladies should measure the abdomen and hip if abdomen measurement exceeds hip measurement; this gives an indication of excess fat in the abdominal area. So, start bringing yourself in shape after this physical fitness test.

Cervical flexibility test

Touch the tip of the chin to the upper chest if one cannot, then it is indicating weak cervical flexibility. Very good physical fitness identification for neck region as these days we are having a sedentary life and also more of table work. Very often people are complaining about pain in the neck and with due course of time, it turns into the deformity of neck vertebrae, which the doctors name it as Cervical Spondylosis.

Shoulder flexibility test

Place right hand on your the right shoulder and left hand on your back below the right shoulder try to hold hands. Reverse the positions, now bring left hand over the left shoulder and right hand on your back below the left shoulder and try to hold the hands. If one cannot get their hands to touch it indicates the weak shoulder flexibility. This physical fitness test can be done by all age groups.

Lungs fitness tests

To test the physical fitness of lungs capacity, hold the breath for 60 seconds if one is unable to hold it gives the indication of insufficient lung capacity and start practicing deep breathing exercises

For checking the physical fitness with respect to the strength of the lungs, keep a lighted candle 15 cm away from the mouth now inhale deeply and during exhaling through the mouth try to extinguish the candle. But not by blowing. If one cannot then it indicates a lack of strength in the lungs.

Abdominal strength test

To perform this physical fitness test one has to lie down on the floor on the yoga mat, bend your knees to 90 degrees, place your hands behind the head raise your head to touch the knees. If finding it difficult then the indication of weak abdominal strength.

Physical fitness

Muscular strength test

For this physical fitness test, one has to again lie down on the floor, if possible on a yoga mat. Place your hands behind the head raise your body to the maximum should come to 90 degrees with respect to your feet on the ground. If finding it difficult then indicates the weak muscular strength.

The hip, knee and ankle mobility test

For doing this physical fitness test one has to sit on the floor on a plain surface. Sit comfortably on the floor in a cross-legged position for 5 minutes, if one cannot or find it uncomfortable then there is the problem of hip, knee and ankle mobility.

Spinal flexibility test

This physical fitness test requires a standing position. Stand with your feet together and without bending your knees try to touch your toes with your fingers, if one cannot then indicates the joint ailments like Arthritis spondylosis, osteoporosis, etc.

Balance co-ordination test

For doing balance co-ordination physical fitness one has to stand on one foot and lift the other foot off the ground by bending at the knee. Keep both arms straight parallel with the ground and balance yourself so, that both the legs and arms do not move. If one cannot balance for 30 seconds then one is not well coordinated, practice for better coordination.

“If one is able to work for long hours without experiencing fatigue and becomes active after minimum rest is considered to be physically, mentally and spiritually fit and have much more life force”


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