Beef Battle matter escalating at IIT Madras. Is this showcasing ‘Intolerant India’?


What was supposed to be a peaceful ‘beef fest’ soon took a violent and ugly turn on Tuesday, May30. R Sooraj, a PhD scholar from IIT Madras was allegedly beat up by students protesting against the fest that took place on campus on Sunday, 29 May.  The students, who are believed to be associated Sanghparivar, surrounded Sooraj while he was having lunch and attacked him, deliberately targeting his eye.


An official statement from the spokesperson for IIT Madras condemned the attack and assured of an inquiry to look further into the matter.

The matter further escalated when a protest march was conducted on campus on Wednesday, May 31. The march went on from Himalayan lawn up to the dean’s office of IIT Madras where students submitted a list of demands, including the rustication of Sooraj’s attackers, Manish Kumar Singh and his friends.
iit-madras-beef-festivalAccording to resources, the beef fest was organized at the IIT Madras campus to register students’ solidarity and protest against the Centre’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughter at animal markets.  More than 80 students supported the cause by having bread and beef curry in a silent demonstration.  Similar protests across Kerela by Student’s Federation of India (SFI) have been reported.


Dr Harsh Vardhan, Minster for environment, forest and climate change ordered on Friday, May 27 that the ministry has notified the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Rules, 2017 to put a ban on slaughtering of cattle. According to the new rules, the definition of cattle includes not only cows but also bullocks, bulls and buffaloes, among others.

In conclusion it is high time that we make our stance clear. Do the lives of the people of this nation (mind you that the humans are considered to be the greatest asset of any country) hold no value whatsoever? Where do the self-acclaimed ‘gaurakshasa’  gowhen the poor animal stops providing milk and is left on the roads to fend for itself, forcing it to fill its stomach with polythene bags?


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