Benefits of Exercise for Older Adults

old age health fitness

We all know that exercise always keeps one fit, fine and healthy, but some people think that as we are growing older we should try to do fewer exercises and take it easy. But this is a wrong belief.

Health experts recommend that regular exercise for the people after the age of 40 years becomes necessary which turns out to be great benefits, including extending the lifespan.

But the irony is that only one in four people between the ages of 65 to 74 years exercise regularly.

In fact, exercise is good for people of any age and can easily kick out the symptoms of many chronic conditions. Because, weakness and poor balance of one in actual is linked to inactivity, rather than age.

It is sure that old age will come but maintaining a proper lifestyle and following a good health system can prolong old age health fitness. Further, as long as the cells of the body get recharged regularly our body will stay fit and one will manage to delay old age and will also enjoy old age health fitness. When there is a hindrance in this continuous cell growth and repair process then the body starts getting old. One can slow down the process of aging by following a proper diet that is nutritious and healthy and a regular exercising regime.

  • Diet

In old age reduce the diet almost half of what one is consuming in their youthful days. But water should be taken in a good amount. Low consumption of water can lead to various illnesses. Natural food like sprouts, cereals seeds, soaked dry fruits, seasonal fruits, green vegetables, salads of carrot, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, etc. should be taken in the natural form.

Amla and honey are the most important ingredients and should be consumed regularly. Drink a glass of vegetable juice daily of cucumber, bottle gourd, tomato, white pumpkin, spinach, bathua leaves, coriander leaves, mint, etc. The daily consumption of the juice of 50 gram Amla, 75-gram beetroot, 250-gram carrot, 25-gram raw Turmeric, 5 gram Ginger keeps old age away and helps in keeping old age health fitness.

Refined flour, tea, coffee, salt, sugar, spices, fats, fried food, non-vegetarian item, etc. should be avoided as far as possible because they are the enemies of old age health fitness. Avoid smoking and the intake of alcohol, but if you feel like taking it then substitute with a homemade drink. 4 teaspoon of wheat seeds and one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds wash them properly and soak them for 24 hours in a glass of water, after 24 hours filter it and add to it the juice of half a lemon, 2 grams of dry ginger powder and 2 teaspoons of honey drink this empty stomach every day, this drink is very nutritive and acts as a digestive and an energizer. This is very good for keeping the old age health fitness.

Adopt Naturopathy or Natural Therapy to Encourage Old Age Health Fitness.


  • Walking is a good source of exercise, at least walk for 30 minutes makes it your everyday habit.
  • Do very light exercises, which are comfortably done.
  • Laughing is not only a good exercise and a treatment procedure but it is also useful to keep one tension-free, laugh aloud wholeheartedly.
  • Adopt positive thinking this will help maintain happiness and enthusiasm.
  • Avoid negative thinking and be happy to bring improvement in self desires and aspirations.
  • According to the situation be self-confident and keep the morale high.
  • In difficult situations try to experience every incident of life in a joyful manner.
  • Do not take life too seriously.
  • To remain mentally fit encourage your mind to do mental exercises like solve puzzles and maths problems, figure out riddles, decipher old writings and pictures, etc. these things will keep one’s mind alert and busy.
  • Try to learn and master something new this increases the creativity of a person and a person doesn’t get old early.
  • Study literature that interests one and which brings about a feeling of modernity within the self.
  • Maintain a diary and write in it regularly.
  • Get involved in some physical work as a part of the daily routine, like gardening, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.
  • In the morning and evening walk inhale deep breaths, this will induce good sleep. Learn to agree with everyone, this will keep away the mental tensions.
  • Music is a good medium that can be used to keep away tiredness and sadness in old age and will always benefit’s one for old age health fitness.

Some other ways to keep old Age Health Fitness are

  • Avoid wrinkles on the face by doing a small exercise tighten your lips and then spread a smile as broad as possible keep in this position in the count of 10 then extend your lips in a manner of whistling keep in this position till a count of 10.
  • To avoid the problem of hanging cheeks, fill air in the mouth and shut it cheeks should be lifted upwards, now place your fists on your blown cheeks and try to press your cheeks with your fists, try to stop the air from escaping when you press with your fist, then slowly release the air from the mouth repeat this 10 times on daily basis.
  • Wrinkles develop on the skin due to aging, to avoid them use oil to massage your face and body, oil massage gives life force to the body.
  • In old age massaging helps the muscles of the skin to become flexible and prevents wrinkles from developing.
  • With your left thumb press the area between your right wrist and elbow for 2 minutes every day this will increase life force and youth is retained for a longer period.
  • Aging will be delayed and one appears young, so, by following these simple methods one can easily fight with their old age and can keep old age health fitness.

“Be Happy and Stay Fit Even In Old Age”


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