Best DSLR Cameras under Rs.25000

Best DSLR Cameras under-Rs.25000

Best DSLR Cameras under 25000

DSLR cameras are not those super expensive things nowadays! A decent budget of Rs 25000 is sufficient enough to get you a decent quality camera. There are best things in every budget. Let’s look at some of the best camera under Rs 25000.

Value of Rs 25000 is an entry level value in the tech market. Right from electrical appliances to gadgets such as mobile and camera, the minimum range of these gadgets starts from Rs 25000. Let’s look at some of the best DSLR cameras under the range of 25000 by some of the best brands such as Nikon and Canon.

  1. CANON EOS 1300D

The quality of the DSLR camera is robust and durable. The body is made of plastic but the durability defines the model and its matte texture makes it resistant to scratches. Details like colour perfection, colour reproduction and depth have been taken special care of in terms of the quality of the pictures that are being shot. The camera also supports features like Wi-Fi connectivity and high-resolution display.

With some adjustments of the exposure and lighting of the camera, videos of 1080p quality can also be recorded with the gadget. The picture quality of the shots is pretty decent even in the artificial lighting or low-light areas. The battery backup offers around 500 shots per full charge, which makes it solid and worthwhile in such a minimal budget. However, tripod is necessary for the automatic stabilization for the videos.

Other specifications and features include 18megapixel resolution, 1920x1080p video resolution, 3FPS continuous shooting speed, 9 auto-focus points, 3x optical zoom, 100-6400 ISO, 3.0 LCD and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  1. Nikon D3300

This DSLR camera from a trusted brand like Nikon is making its way up in the market segment. The camera body is robust, durable and scratch-resistant. The camera is light-weight and handy, and thus handling a camera is not a big issue. The camera is a quicker when it comes to shooting consecutive pictures, as the camera is responsive and does not take time to power on and shoot.

The colour reproduction has been taken care of in terms of its picture quality. The pictures taken are sharp and detailed. The video-shooting is good even in the low-light conditions. The only drawback is that the camera does not come with a Wi-Fi connectivity feature, although you can connect the camera to a dongle and transfer files without much hassle. Nikon D3300 is a reliable performer with good battery backup.

Some of the other specifications are 24.2megapixel image sensor and resolution, 1920x1080p video resolution, 5FPS continuous shooting speed, 3.0 LCD, 11 auto focus points, 3x optical zoom, and 200-6400 ISO.




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