Best Inspirational Story For Youth You Would Definitely Appreciate

best inspirational story for youth

Best Inspirational Story for Youth: Would you hate a new phone, new clothes, new girlfriend, or anything new that helps you grow and will add to your personality? Then, why is it that you hate a new week? The biggest opportunity to enhance our personality, and status at work as well as society. People who don’t enjoy their work, and are tired of their routine life are the ones who like the song “Bloody Khooni Monday” from the movie Go Goa Gone. They really need to read the best inspirational story for youth which I am sharing with you.

People who know how a new start with a fresh and positive mind can alter their lives are the ones who once tried to change their perspective of Monday and started liking their jobs. Monday is a state of mind, it is hell if you feel so, but it can be the best day to start afresh as Monday is the base for your entire week and you can grab the entire week if you stay positive and calm instead of anxious and irritated on Monday.

Best Inspirational Story for Youth.

I might be sounding like a saint and you are definitely not liking me preaching here. Am I right? OKAY, then let me change the tone and tell you the best inspirational story for youth.

Do you know who Jack Ma is? I am sure most people do, but there are many who have never heard the name. So, there was a guy in China. He was a below-average student at school, and you know what I mean by below average; he failed most of his exams. I am sure he too hated Monday, Coz there is something in the day that makes people hate it.

I failed a key primary school test two times, I failed the middle school test three times, I failed the college entrance exam two times…”- Jack Ma

Time passed and the day came when he had to appear for the college entrance exam. Guess what, he scored only 1 mark out of 120. Oh My God, most of us tick in the name of god and pass our exams by chance, Poor jack. Not even luck helped him. What would you have done, if you didn’t get admission? Most of us would try again obviously if we had money and time, but after two or three efforts we would have started finding a job, or enrolled in another stream. Correct? But, he was firm and continuously applied.

Harvard rejected him for 10 times. Did you notice the persistence and determination? Every time he started afresh which most of us get agitated? Next phase of life he entered was the Job Hunt. He did complete his graduation and then again faced failure in all the 30 jobs he applied for. He applied for many posts including a police officer. You would be amazed to know that he also applied for KFC, and was the only one who failed out of a total of 24 applicants. He finally got the job of a school teacher at last.

Jack Ma’s life is the best inspirational story for youth. The person I am talking about is none other than the owner of the world’s largest retail and e-commerce company “ALIBABA GROUP” who is presently a business tycoon, politician, and philanthropist. You must have read how Indian Businessman Mukesh Ambani wanted to collaborate with Alibaba Groups, but failed for some reason. So, the one who was the best friend of failure has made it finally. He still is not good at math, and still does not know how to read accounting reports, doesn’t even have any knowledge of management, then How the hell did he become a billionaire? I am sure you are stuck with this question. The answer I would say is obvious in the below quote:

Khud hi Ko Kar Buland Itna Ki Har Takdeer Se Pehle Khuda Bande Se Puchhe, BTA TERI RAZA KYA HAI

Success does not need smartness, intelligence, or money. But it only demands efforts, determination, will power, and all such values that are free. You don’t need to buy them, you already have them, but are not habitual. Your hard work and determination will speak for you, and not only your boss but the entire universe will acknowledge you.

I am sure you have not seen as many failures as Jack Ma, and you keep complaining about your life and hardships. Office, Work, Pressure, Responsibility are nothing in front of you if you acknowledge the strength of determination. If you manage to awake these values then nobody can stop you from achieving everything you dream because you have that power and strength in you. Starting a blessed day with negativity kills every aspect of bliss and grace. You finally get what you attract with your gestures and vibes. The reason why I shared the best inspirational story for youth is to remind you that happiness and positivity invite success and power.


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