Best Simple Diets for Quick Weight Loss

Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet: For a good lifestyle and good personality, one has to maintain the shape of the body and to get into shape one will naturally work on fitness with diet and exercise. Only one of them cannot work alone, both things complement each other. Only diet or only exercises will not help one to lose weight. Both should be balanced properly with the basic concept to be taken care of.

Weight loss of the body not only gives a good personality but also will keep one away from many diseases which is the end result of the excess weight. Hence, if one wants to create a body of one’s choice, then one has to think about ‘diet’ which would really make the real difference.

One should always try to focus on simple diets that can be replicated easily without any complicated process of its preparation.

Weight Loss Diet 1 the Dubrow Diet

The Dubrow Diet is from reality TV power couple Heather Dubrow and Terry Dubrow, MD, their book has become very much popular. Heather has gained popularity of Real Housewives of Orange County fame, and Terry as a Newport Beach plastic surgeon and star on Botched. Their book tells a lot about, how to go on a diet that leaves one with a happy feeling and good looks as they want.

This diet includes high-fiber, carbs, lean protein, fruit, and vegetables.

According to them, the keto diet is not right to go with as it aims to use fat as fuel, which isn’t healthy or sustainable rather one should go for intermittent fasting means; interval eating will help one to go into a fat-burning state that would lead to increased energy and cell renewal process called autophagy, the toxin-eating phase.

The end result for this kind of fasting will benefit a lot. One can follow this diet plan for the entire life, as this could also act as maintenance of the lost weight.

Weight Loss Diet 2 Weight Watchers

This diet plan has been created by Joel Fuhrman, M.D., author of The End of Dieting.

For a long, researchers have supported the fact that Weight Watchers is one of the best weight-loss diets. Weight Watchers constantly ranks number one for the “best weight loss diet” and also “best commercial diet”.

They had recently refurbished their program and changed their name to WW to emphasize the focus on overall wellness—not just weight-loss—such that users who aren’t specific on weight can also use the concept to eat better and develop a healthy body with a positive mindset.

It is a nutritious diet based on healthy vitamins, minerals, and trace nutrients in the food which balances one’s hormones, and also avoids an accumulation of toxins. It is nutrient-dense, plant-rich, and includes anti-cancer superfoods to help one not just lose weight but live also live long with disease-free life.

Weight Loss Diet 3 Low-Carb Diet, keto diet plan

Now the old low-carb diet plans have been refurbished from the processed protein bars and shakes. This renovated keto diet has got high marks for its low carb diet this year in 2019. “ketogenic,” diet says one has to focus on the body to burn fat for fuel. Most keto diets recommend getting at least 70 percent of your daily calories from fat and the rest from protein. The goal is to eat as few carbohydrates as possible. People say it helps them to drop weight fast with little or no hunger in addition to perks like more energy and mental clarity.

Weight Loss Diet 4 Best Low-Calorie Diet, the CICO Diet Plan

This basically is not the diet plan rather it is a method for one to follow. In short, it is called as CICO, which stands for “calories in, calories out” and is based on the mathematically sensible principle that as long as one is burning more calories as one is eating, one will lose weight. All one needs to focus on is a way to track their calories. There are plenty of apps available in the market but a pen and paper is the best and works great too.

Weight Loss Diet 5 Best Plant-Based Diet, the Ornish Diet

This diet got popularized by the documentary Forks Over Knives, the Ornish diet is a low-fat, plant-based diet plan based on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and legumes. It’s based on a Lacto-Ovo style of vegetarianism, allowing only egg whites and nonfat dairy products. It’s packed with vitamins, fiber, and lots of filling plants to keep one satiated. Some studies have also shown that this diet can reverse heart disease and have beneficial effects on other chronic health conditions.

“Eat Healthy, Live Healthy And Work Healthily


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