Best Super Healthy Food

Best Super Healthy Food

Best Super Healthy Food : Every living organism needs food for their life. Food is only the source of getting energy by us. Our health, mindset and behavior are directly proportional to the kind of food we are consuming.  When we eat healthy food, we feel good, when we feel good we are happy, when we are happy we are more energetic and productive and this goes on till we are alive.

There are certain Super healthy foods which are proven disease fighters and energy boosters. Making a practice to include in our daily meals will always keep fit and healthy.


Healthy Food 1: Beets

Beetroots are commonly known as beets. They are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds. It is good for brain and helps in lowering the blood pressure. But it is often ignored as one of the healthiest foods. It is brightly colored and is full of folate, magnesium, vitamin C and phytonutrients. One can use it in salads for a sweet and crunchy taste.


Healthy Food 2: Raspberries

Raspberries are like most berries. They are in variety of colors from trendy red and black varieties to purple, yellow, or golden.  It has sweet juicy taste and has a unique composition of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

To keep the body healthy and free of disease Raspberries provide Vitamin C, calcium and iron. One can put on the porridge in the morning to enjoy a wonderful and delicious breakfast full of nutrition.


Healthy Food 3: Lemons

Lemons are bright yellow in color and are the most popular fruit. It is rich in vitamin C, Just one lemon daily will fulfill cent percent daily intake of vitamin C. This helps in increase of “good” HDL cholesterol levels and strengthens the bones. This is good for skin also and also keeps skin healthy. Lemons contain citrus flavonoids which inhibit the growth of cancer cells and act as an anti-inflammatory. Best way to take is add a slice of lemon to your green tea. One of the studies also found that citrus increases our body’s capability to absorb more antioxidants in the tea almost 80 percent.


Healthy Food 4: Broccoli

Broccoli looks like a bonsai tree. It is related to cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale and cauliflower. Broccoli is a super food. It is full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. One medium branch of broccoli contains cent percent of our daily vitamin K requirement and almost 200 % of our recommended daily dose of vitamin C. Both are essential bone-building nutrients. The same quantity also keeps away cancers. Eating in salads is best but  Steaming or boiling save only 66 percent of the nutrient.

Dark Chocolate 

Healthy Food 5: Dark Chocolate 

Dark chocolates are favorite of more than 50% people. It tastes great, and one major benefit that people eat less junk and also food intake is also reduced after consuming it. This did not happen with milk chocolate. It was also found that even even exercise capacity was increased after consuming dark chocolate!

Just one-fourth piece daily can reduce blood pressure. Cocoa powder is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants which reduces “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase “good” HDL levels. A dark chocolate bar contains about 53.5 milligrams of flavonoids; a milk chocolate bar has fewer than 14 mg.


Healthy Food 6: Potatoes

Potatoes are rich in nutrients and they can make a delicious treat. It is liked by most of the people due to low-carb content. It provides, the fiber, vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals which keeps away diseases and benefit human health. Cell-building folate is found in one red potato containing 66 micrograms. It is of the same amount in one cup of spinach or broccoli. One sweet potato is highly beneficial. It has immune-boosting vitamin A and almost eight times efficient in cancer-fighting. Before eating, let the potato cool down. Research shows that one can burn close to 25 percent more fat after a meal.


Healthy Food 7: Walnuts

Walnuts is a very important super food as it contains important phytochemicals as well as high amounts of polyunsaturated fats which benefits both brain health and brain function. It contains the most omega-3 fatty acids, which may help reduce cholesterol and also Omega-3 plays a very important role in reducing stress in the brain, and also improve brain signalling and neurogenesis, which is the creation of neurons. Walnuts are also rich in Vtamin E, folate and ellagic acid which helps in memory function. It also protects against sun damage and cancers and also regulates sleep.


Healthy Food 8: Avocados

Avocados are rich in healthy fats. It is a unique fruit which lowers cholesterol by about 22 percent. One avocado has more than half the fiber and 40 percent of the folate one need daily, which reduces risk of heart disease. Adding it to our salad can increase the absorption of key nutrients like beta-carotene by three to five times compared with salads without this super food.


Healthy Food 9: Garlic

Garlic is used widely in cooking as a flavoring agent, but it has a medicine value. It has been taken to prevent and treat a wide range of conditions and diseases. It inhibit the growth of bacteria and is a powerful disease fighter. Allicin, is found in garlic, works as an inflammatory and also helps to lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Fresh garlic releases the most allicin.  On heating for 10 min. garlic loses important nutrients.


Healthy Food 10: Spinach

Spinach is another healthy food, super food, cheap and best. It contains loads of nutrients and antioxidants. It benefits eye health, reduce oxidative stress, help prevent cancer, and reduce blood pressure levels. It is delicious to eat alone or in other dishes. Spinach contains two immune-boosting antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, important for eye health. It is one of the most effective cancer-fighting veggie.


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