Best Tourist Places For Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers

Solo Female Travelers: Are you planning a solo trip? Have you decided on the destination? There is no issue if you haven’t yet decided the place because we have done the research for you, and this article recommends the best tourist places where women can comfortably roam around and enjoy their trip to the fullest. Flypped has commenced a new series where we will discuss every aspect essential for solo female travelers.

In an earlier article, we discussed the significance of solo traveling, especially for women who get a sense of agency and confidence during such a journey. We acknowledged the idea of security, and therefore, suggested some safety tips for women travelers in that article. We mentioned everything you need to ensure before leaving your place, and hope you have read the tips for solo female travelers before looking for the best tourist places.



6 Affordable and Safe destinations for Solo Female Travelers

After ensuring the safety matters; it is the best time to look for the most amazing and adventurous tourist places for women travelers. If you are a freebee and wish to experience an adventurous journey, or are a docile one, and it’s the first time you are traveling alone, then you must have a look at the below list.

1. Thailand

The best place to start the list would be Thailand. The destination is widely popular because of the beaches, nightlife, spa messages and many more. The place has become prominent for solo travelers because of the tight security as well as the exotic experience one gets to enjoy in Thailand.

Another reason solo female travelers prefer Thailand is the locals. The locals at Thailand are very welcoming and law-abiding which makes the country proud. If you would travel to Thailand, you will feel not to encounter any incident of pick-pocket and eve-teasing, etc. You would get an ever-lasting experience after your Thailand Trip.

2. Cambodia

Just like Thailand, Cambodia is also eminent for its infrastructure. The best part about Cambodia is the fact that it has the most affordable Five-Star hotels, and solo travelers don’t have to worry about the expenses. It could be the best place if you love meeting other travelers on the journey. The locals of Cambodia are also very respectful, especially when it comes to welcoming tourists.

3. Estonia

If you are fond of walking and have been willing to walk on the paths of Europe, then Estonia can be the best destination for you. The popularity of Estonia is rising every year as it is becoming more and more popular among solo travelers.

It is easy to reach Estonia via Finland. Even if you have planned the Scandinavian trip, you won’t have to alter your plans as you can visit Estonia as a part of that trip. The destination is cost-friendly and safe for solo women travelers.

4. Canada

Canada Rockies is the top travel destination for adventure lovers and not just adventure lovers, Canada has something special for all type of tourists. The country has a comparatively lower crime rate when compared to other nations. If it is your first trip to a western country, then visiting Canada must be your top priority as you would experience different cultures and traditions.

5. Aruba

If you have ever fantasized about visiting an island, then Aruba has the captivating infrastructure for tourists around the world. You can easily reach Aruba from the U.S. continent. The attractive and soothing beaches are not the only highlight of Aruba, there are many more activities you can experience with your fellow travelers.

Even if you are a solo female traveler, you won’t feel isolated or bored during the trip because Aruba every year attracts a great number of tourists, and joining with fellow travelers can be a unique adventure for someone who loves meeting new people.

6. America

There is no need to tell it is one of the biggest cities in the world. You must not visit local areas being a solo traveler because hearing taunts and comments is something everyone cannot bear. So, if you don’t prefer people with a narrow mentality, and wish to enjoy your journey to the fullest, then you can think of visiting New York City.

These were the top tourist places a solo female traveler can think of visiting. The list of tourist places goes infinite, but above we have recommended some affordable and safe places where women can roam around freely, and no one would judge them. We have already suggested the required tips to ensure their privacy and safety in distant places. If you are a solo traveler or thinking about such a trip, then you can ask your doubts in the comments section, and we will be available to clear your queries.


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