Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates October 11: Paras Chhabra, Siddharth Dey, Abu Malik And AsimRiaz Nominated For Elimination

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates October 11

On Bigg Boss Season 13 Episode 12: In the previous episode of Bigg Boss, all the housemates were seen arguing about the nomination. While male contestants like Paras Chhabra, Siddharth Dey, AsimRiaz, and Abu Malik were nominated for the weekend eliminations, Bigg Boss announced that Siddhartha Shukla will remain safe.

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates October 11

The drama and fights in the Bigg Boss house are increasing per day. Contestants start arguing for no reason. Most of them usually look for reasons to create a scene. Something similar took place in the Friday episode. Here are the major highlights of Big Boss 13 Episode 12.

Siddhartha said Rashami is Attention Seeker

In the October 10 episode, Rashami was seen crying in front of Devoleena, while Aarti informed Siddhartha about it. Yesterday, however, Devoleena discusses it with Siddhartha who told her that Rashami just wants attention, he also said that Rashami said she was crying because Abu Malik complaint about her food, but Abu Malik has never made such remarks. He does respect the fact that Rashami prepares the food for everyone.

Koena and Siddhartha’s Argument

AsimRiaz, later told everyone that Koena and Rashami are instigating him to raise his voice against people he does not like. Siddhartha Shukla reacted to it as he asked Koena about the incident, but she denied to talk about it. She shouted at Siddhartha that is was a conversation between Koena and AsimRiaz, and no one should interfere. The issue started with an aggressive note but said that Koena and Rashami are telling him that he must have his voice. Siddhartha Shukla asked her about it and Koena burst out, saying he should not interfere as it was a discussion between her and Asim. Koena began on a rather aggressive note, but Siddharth’s tone resolved the matter.

Paras’ efforts to advise Shehnaaz

Paras was seen taking to Shehnaaz that everyone is seeing him as a villain because of Shehnaaz as she created a love triangle. They also discussed Mahira and her space in the triangle. Though they had some heated discussion and Shehnaaz started crying, both of them patched up with some hugs.

Rashami and Paras then confronted Shehnaaz and tried to advise her that all the girls in the Bigg Boss House do not hate her. Rashami told her not to overreact and said, “Aisa mat kar ki tu khud mazak ban jaye”. Their words had no impact on Shehnaaz, who told Siddharth Dey that their words cannot influence her.

The weirdest moment of the day was when Paras advised Rashami to cry whenever Siddhartha mistreats her.

Finally, the Task Bigg Boss Fisheries Started

After all, the drama was over, Bigg Boss announced a new task named Bigg Boss Fisheries. The game was for male contestants and they had to clean a pond full of fishes by transferring the fishes into their opponents’ pond. The first one, who would empty the pond will win the task. The task started with the girls, who had baskets full of fishes and they had to empty their baskets in boys’ pond.

Only Siddhartha Shukla is safe from Eviction

Siddhartha Shukla emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss Fisheries as he emptied his pot before everyone. Bigg Boss announced Siddhartha to be safe from the eliminations and asked Devoleena to remove two black rings from his name. All other male characters apart from Siddhartha Shukla have been nominated for the weekend evictions.


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