Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates: Rani No 1 Task Remained The Major Highlight

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates: The popularity of Bigg Boss 13 is no mystery, and everyone is aware of its craze among all age groups. The show is full of spice and controversies, and the latest episode was also eventful where some contestants revealed their perspectives about their fellow participants. The good news for all contestants was that they can now choose their bed partners. The top reality show had become the center of trolls because the participants had to sleep with the allotted bed partners. That is the reason the makers had to change the rule for better and housemates can now sleep with their friends.

Bigg Boss 13 Written Updates: The October 8 Episode was full of Debates and Gossips 

The October 8 episode of Bigg Boss 13 was full of gossips. KoenaMitra complained about Rashami Desai. She shared her opinion about AsimRiaz as well and called him an unfaithful person.

Later, Shehnaz teased KoenaMitra and started mimicking her in front of the house members including Siddharth Shukla, Rashami Desai, and AsimRiaz. The next day started, and the members woke up to find a surprise. Bigg Boss had a mysterious gate in the garden area. The contestant, after checking the gate; started their usual debate over ration and kitchen duties.

The breakfast in-charge, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, who was busy making breakfast for other contestants got angry as she did could not accept their behavior towards her. Her point was valid as she wanted everyone to have breakfast together, and the fact that nobody listens to her made her angry. Siddharth Shukla then started complaining about the quantity of breakfast they get. His point was that they must get a proper amount of food, Devoleena, on the other hand, argued saying that she cannot spend her entire day in the kitchen and has other works as well.

After that Shehnaz raised a similar point and fought with Devoleena over the size of rotis. Sidharth and Shehnaz then blamed Devoleena that nobody is satisfied with the food quality. The twist of the day came when Rashami Desai joined the debate and supported Devoleena. Nobody was expecting that she would shout on Siddharth. The debate continued till lunch as Rashami and Siddhartha were pointing each other’s’ behavior.

The October 8 episode of Big Boss 13 revealed that the contestants are not performing their duties very well and that their fellows are not happy with them. The debate started with Devoleena, who does not provide a required amount of breakfast, and moved to Asim, who is the in-charge of washroom cleanliness. Paras Chhabra was seen fighting with Asim and reminded him of his duties. Paras asked Asim to keep the washroom clean and follow his duties. Shefali Bagga supported Paras and suggested Asim that it’s his duty to keep tissues in the toilet.

Bigg Boss Surprised Everyone With a New Task Rani No 1

Later, Aarti Sing revealed the mystery of that gate everyone has seen in the garden area. She introduced a new task of Bigg Boss 13. The task was named Rani No 1, and she then announced that the house will turn into a kingdom. She also announced the task rules and said that all the girls would be locked up, and male contestants had to find the key in the garden area. After the drumroll, boys would have to find the key. The one who would find the key can open the gate to bring out his favorite queen. There are some pots with girls named written on them. The queen could pick a pot and throw it in the pool to ensure that no one can bring them out.

As the task began, all the male members were discussing their favorite queens. Siddharth Shukla got the first chance to save his favourite queen and surprised everyone by bringing Devoleena out. Devoleena put the pot with Shefali’s name and threw it in the pool. She justified her decision that Shefali never helps anyone in the house. Another highlight of the game was when Paras got the chance to release a queen. People were guessing he would save Shehnaz, but he played safe and took Dalljiet out, who threw Shehnaz’s pot in the pool.

This decision of Paras offended Shehnaz because he did not open her gate, and preferred Dalljiet over her. In the next episode, we will see Shehnaz commenting on Paras’ decision.


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