Binge-Watching Is Actually Bad For Our Health

Binge-Watching Is Actually Bad For Our Health

Let us first be clear of the concept (Binge Watching) we are talking about, binge relates to an activity of watching TV for an extended period of time, e.g. several episodes of a series continuously.

Origin and usage of Binge Watching

The very first time the word ‘binge’ first appeared in English in the mid-1800s which means ‘to soak’. At the time of World War I, this word ‘binge’ was used for eating or drinking in excess. The term binge-watching was frequently used in 2003, but it didn’t come into common usage until around 2012.

Affinity towards Binge Watching

According to some scientists, people love binge-watching because it releases a natural chemical in the brain that makes them feel good. This chemical, called Dopamine, is responsible for the feelings of happiness that come from doing something pleasant, like exercising or eating good food. Watching hours upon hours of a favorite television show can also release dopamine, especially when those episodes can be viewed without the intervention of advertisements.

Many experts gave their expert opinion that theirs is nothing significantly wrong with binge-watching, but, they warned that binge-watching should be done in limits to avoid any potentially negative side effects. Taking infrequent breaks for physical activity and socializing are usually recommended.

Effects of excess Binge Watching

Binge Watching 1 Risk of major health issues

When TV was watched by adults for more than three hours a day, the risk of their premature death doubled compared to those who watched less. Researchers found in a recent study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association that continuous sitting for long stretches of time increases the risk of health issues (like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer), even if the exercises are done regularly. If one is binge watching then make it healthier by standing, stretching, and taking mini breaks for physical activity.

Binge Watching 2 Gets “addicted”

When one is enjoying binge-viewing and found to be fun and feel satisfying, side by side there’s always the danger of becoming too passionate. “Addiction involves doing an activity more than one had planned said by Fader.

For instance, if one intends to watch three episodes of a show and end up by watching six, it could be a sign of overdoing it. It increases the negative effect on other aspects of life, like one ignores other activities or responsibilities of life and completely gets dedicated to binge watching. Fader revealed that breaks not taken in between episodes and not snacking could lead to mindless overeating. Additionally, one even starts chatting with the same fellow fans about the show which also strengthens the binge habit healthier. Since, it pulls one away from the visual effects and allows one to reflect on what one had already watched.

Binge Watching 3 Become more antisocial

Binge-watching activity pulls a person into isolation. Marketcast studies expressed that 56 percent of bingers prefer to watch alone said by an entertainment research firm out of which 98 percent watch at home. Whenever one spend too much time on something, then they are leaving away from other essential things in life, like hanging out with friends or working said by Lyubomirsky.

Binge Watching 4 Might enjoy own show less.

Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD, a professor of psychology at the University of California, Riverside said sometimes people start disliking their own binge watching series, this psychological phenomenon is called hedonic adaptation, which is basically a visualizing way of saying that becoming used to new things. One purchase something new, but then it gets old. Similarly at first, a new TV show is really exciting, but the more we watch, the less we enjoy it with time. Binge-watching also reduces the pleasure of expectation.

However, all experts are not convinced by the fact that binge-watching reduces the pleasure of watching with time. Jonathan Fader, PhD, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Union Square Practice in New York City said rather watching a series to completion gives one a feeling of control and power. The incredible satisfaction one feels from seeing a story from start to finish makes things more excited, as there’s no time to forget about plotting and characters between episodes. Binge-watching can also be an immersive, stress-relieving and are far from reality.

Binge Watching 5 Wastage of precious time.

These binge watchers truly waste lots of time and that to, of no use in reality, only a good source of entertainment and pleasure. For example if one did nothing else except watching every season of How I Met Your MotherThe Good Wife, and Lost, it would take three full days each, this was revealed by recent calculations from Nielsen Holdings, a global information and measurement company. Another thrilling series; if screening all seven seasons of The West Wing would take nearly five days. Whereas the most time-consuming series was suspense thriller 24, which would take nonstop six days and two hours to watch back to back. Now just calculate the precious time these binge watching’s will be stealing out and once this productive and useful time is lost the people will suffer throughout their life and will not be able to handle all the pressures prevailing around one and then people get engulfed into various diseases, especially depression and cognitive problems.

“Everything Is Important in Life but One Should Manage it Properly”

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