How blue light from your phone is hurting your eyes.

How blue light from your phone is hurting your eyes.

How blue light from your phone is hurting your eyes.

The exposure to blue light from your electronic devices may have an adverse impact on your eyes. According to Anam Qureshi, MD, Professor of ophthalmology at NYU, ‘Blue light is concerning because the cornea and the lens don’t filter it out, so it goes right to the back of the eye.’

As soon as the alarm goes off, we pick up our handset and started scrolling on social media. Next 8-9 hours are spent, staring at the computer screen at office and after coming back home, all we need is a good cup of coffee with cricket match playing on our television sets. Our lifestyles have become a bane to our health as this ‘screen-time’ is affecting our eyes.

The blue might damage your retina, and leads to situations like macular degeneration. An excessive exposure can also lead to ‘digital eyestrain’- called computer vision syndrome which has symptoms such as blurry vision, dry and red eyes, headache, difficulty in focusing on one thing, etc.

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A number of studies on tech habits have explained that working too much on phones can fatigued your eye muscles that may lead to permanent damage of eye veins. Also, blue light represses a hormone called melatonin- that helps in maintaining healthy body rhythms. This can result in finding difficult to sleep at night and long term situation like this, can lead to bad troll on health and lifestyle.

Owing to the lifestyle we people are living, the situation cannot be stopped but can be combated. Such as, taking regular breaks in between using your phones or other screens to gather back your blink rate, as this can control the strain to some extent. Shift your gaze here and there, once in a while when you are starting at your screen for too long. The impact of blue light can also be eliminated by keeping brightness levels of your screens in check.




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