Body’s Secret Language That Illustrates the Love Signals

Love Signals
Love Signals: There are many ways of communication, but amongst that body language is one of the most important kinds of communication which tells a lot without speaking and it comes under nonverbal communication. Things are expressed by posture and bodily movement. When the people enter into a new relationship at times it becomes very difficult to react to the situation and sense a different feeling within. The initial phase is filled with mystery, excitement, and even apprehensions, as one starts on a new journey of discovering a different relationship between self and the partner.

But love, can be defined in many ways. Now, saying ‘I love you’ (Love Signals) can be the easiest and of course the most direct way of trickling the emotions. But there’s something about body language through which one tries to be expressive.

Here are a Few Body language Signs to Know if Someone has Fallen in love with You…

Body Language1 Protective Gestures

When one is traveling with you who loves you, either at public places, in a bus, trains, crowded places, etc. then he will always try to protect you. You will always find his hand on your shoulders to protect you from the crowd. Very often they hold your hand while crossing roads. If one agrees with it, then there’s a high possibility of someone being in love with you. As one always protects those things whom they love more than self (Love Signals).

Body Language 2 Closeness

If someone loves you, they’ll try to be as close as possible to you. They would prefer sitting close to you, lean on you when they talk or place their accessories near you so that they can be around you frequently.  But the most important thing is that even you should feel comfortable in their presence.

Body Language 3 Touch

One often touches people whom they know, like hugging your family members or patting your friends. When it comes to strangers, you don’t appreciate all these touches. Sometimes, you have friends giving you half-hugs, and that might be still tolerable. On the other hand with someone when you don’t interact very often and tries to touch you or revolve around you, there can be two possibilities. It can be a pleasant touch, when they’re in love with you, or a bad touch if they’re creepy and have misleading targets.

Body Language 4 Attention

When one is very much attentive to what you say and listens to you carefully then it is obvious he is keeping a positive and good feeling for you. It’s a good sign when someone gives attention on what you say and not get distracted by other things. Michelle Fraley, a relationship coach spot out how to love (Love Signals) is accompanied with a sort of ‘channel visualization,’ because everything is so delightful and also it is a way of showing respect.

Body Language 5 Eye Contact

Eyes are the mirror of one, whatever a person thinks and wants to do, and eyes immediately speak out. That is why people say someone’s eyes are so ‘deep’ and can take the whole world within it. Eyes in all probability give away more than anything else; one can understand the entire conversation that can be held by eye contact. If someone looks at you for seconds then continue at a stretch, chances are they’ve fallen in love for you.

“Loving Someone Is Good Provided One Is Serious and Trustworthy, Should Never Play with the Emotions of Other Person”


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