Who is the boldest actress in India?

Who is the boldest actress in India
Who is the boldest actress in India

“Feminine is an emotion, which would be compassion and kindness, is seen as a weakness … we need to change that mentality”

“I don’t believe in keeping sperm panties as tokens”

Wondering of who might have quoted these?

Well she is none other than the “London Thumakda” girl – KANGANA RANAUT, The boldest actress presently in the industry!

Does anyone doubt her for earning this laurel of “boldness”?

Well, I never do!

Boldness to me is undeterred courage, strength, determination and passion. It also includes a tinge of “Never give up” attitude!

As seen, she has proven her boldness, through her actions! And as all of us know that “Action speaks louder than words”, Thus, validating the title:

She hails from a normal middle class family, from a small town in Himachal Pradesh, where her father is a business man and mother is a school teacher. Her parents were never supportive of her career choices and wanted her to become a doctor!

Going against her parents, she decided to take a leap out of her home at the age of just 16 and exposed herself to never ending, unguaranteed struggle. Although, her journey has been a roller coaster ride and like all the girls, even she wasn’t spared of the sexual assaults, yet it never shook her perseverance and she kept revolting with equal vigor against whatever had befallen her.

Her first movie has been “Gangster” (2006), which was a hit and she was even awarded Film fare for the best female debut. This was followed by the movies “Life in a Metro” (2007), “Woh Lamhe” (2006) and the blockbuster “Fashion” (2008).

She is a recipient of several awards like the three National Film awards and Film Fare awards in four categories.

She experienced a downfall after these block buster’s, yet never took an easy ladder by signing up with the industry tycoons i.e. the “KHANS” and “KAPOORS”-again proving her boldness!

Even during her tough times, she was always seen kempt; donning that smile and that pretty hair has always been a cherry on the top to her hotness!

After few years, she was back with a boom i.e “Tanu weds Manu” (2011) and later on “Queen” (2014), which gave her career a new direction! This made her even more confident and appealing as she was now rewarded with her past efforts! – One proud moment it must have been for her!

She even spoke of gender discrimination faced by her at home.

“Girls are never encouraged to do something. My father had unrealistic expectations from my brother, while I stood in the corner”

She never endorsed a skin fairing products as she believed that these products are misleading!

She even spoke on photo shoots “I just can’t feature to satisfy sexual urges of some needy men, yeah I don’t mind if it gives me some ascetism”

Lastly, everyone must have remembered the recently aired show Aap ki Aadalat, where she, with her dauntlessness, coupled with her dazzling look, in a classy saaree, slapped Hritik Roshan in the face by being very blunt and outspoken of their recent controversy! Though it raised many eye brows but Kangana! You never fail to be a true entertainer! Be it on or off screen!


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