Breakthrough Discovery to Prevent Hair Loss from Chemotherapy


Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a destructive form of chemical drug therapy that basically destroys rapidly growing cells in the body. It’s regularly used to treat cancer, as cancer cells grow and multiply faster than other cells. The consequences of this treatment are the loss of Hair. The side effects of chemotherapy happen to be one of the most destructive effects of modern cancer therapy and the researchers were continuously studying on it towards finding a solution, researchers found a new strategy to protect hair follicles.

After a continuous study in the laboratory of Professor Ralf Paus of the Centre for Dermatology came out with a solution that when cancer drug taxanes were induced into the patients then automatically resulted in the hair fall but now it can be prevented.

For this, scientists have modified the properties of a newer class of drugs called CDK4/6 inhibitors, which blocks the multiplication of the cancerous cell division in the targeted organ and does not have adverse effects on the other metabolism process of the body. This is medically approved and is now frequently used for “targeted” cancer therapies.

Although initially it was thought not to be very effective, there was an impression that CDK4/6 inhibitors could be used temporarily to halt cell division without promoting additional toxic effects in the hair follicle. But when the human scalp hair follicles were cultured in CDK4/6 inhibitors, the hair follicles were found to be less susceptible to the damaging effect with this new drug. On the contrary high damaging effects were found with the use of taxanes, this was explained by Dr. Talveen Purba, lead author on the study. A paper was published in the journal ‘ EMBO Molecular Medicine in which it was described that taxanes are very important anti-cancer drugs commonly used to treat, patients with breast or lung carcinoma and this led to long-lasting hair loss.

A crucial part of our study was to first get catch hold of the basic cause fall of hair follicles due to chemotherapy by the drug taxane. It was found that the specialized dividing cells at the base of the hair follicle which are responsible for producing hair itself, and the stem cells from which they arise, are most susceptible to taxanes. Therefore, it is essential to protect these cells from undesired chemotherapy effects side by side even the cancer cells should not multiply say by Dr. Purba.

The team had confidence that their research will support the development of externally applied medicines which will slow or briefly suspend cell division in the scalp hair follicles of patients undergoing chemotherapy to alleviate against chemotherapy-induced hair damage.

The researchers highlighted that still more study is desperately needed in this field of cancer medicine, where patients have waited for so long to see real breakthroughs in hair loss prevention.

Even the doctors were surprised to know why some patients showed greater hair loss than others even though they were induced with the same drug and drug-dose, and also on the fact that certain chemotherapy treatments and drug combinations had much worse outcomes than others.

“Every Problem Has A Sure Solution, Though Getting It Late, But Have to Keep Patience”


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