Breastfeeding in Public: Need of a Child or an Act of Vulgarity?

Breastfeeding in Public Need of a Child or an Act of Vulgarity
Breastfeeding in Public Need of a Child or an Act of Vulgarity

Who taught us the need for shame?

When there is a little one to feed – crying out our name?

You google up this particular topic and come up with photographs and videos and some people talking about development of law to make breastfeeding in public ‘legal’ but the point is: what is wrong with that? How is it exactly illegal?

Why the taboo? The breasts a part of the female anatomy are the ones that feed a baby by helping the young ones suckle into the nipples and take in fat generalized milk because these toothless infants are incapable of having anything other than that at the earlier stage of growth and development.

It is as simple and that and should be kept that way.

Isn’t it in mother’s nature to provide the necessary things to her baby? Then how you can refrain her from feeding her own young one? Publically! Well, nowadays many things and WE MEAN IT, many things happen publically but we don’t cause such a taboo and simply move on by ignoring it.

A man defecating or urinating in public is frowned upon and is also given a lecture of cleanliness or two by the EVER-VIGILANT citizens of our nation all courtesy to the Swaccha Bharat Abhiyaan. And now what?

We explain our part and move on.

A woman feeding her baby in public is committing no social crime but doing what needs to be done.

On the other note, a rational and social one. We live in a society which is full of people with different types of mind-sets, which may or may not accept this and all blame goes to their age old, rigid mentality.

A woman feeding her child publically can never be accepted by them. The point is, the clash of ideologies and urgencies can be avoided if that concerned woman I sensible enough to cover her body which become socially justifiable. Anything conducted with the intent of pure care and affection will never lead to problems but sometimes the way in which we carry things might simply not be acceptable to certain norms and sects of society.

And so be it!

We have a freedom of speech and also expression.

I don’t know where the word vulgar comes in this pure bond of mother and child?

Concluding the mater diligently I would like to say that, WE HAVE GOT really better topics to discuss about and let’s not fuss over small things.

Women’s must be clearly educated about how to conduct feeding socially, when in a crowd and also the society needs to START MINDING THEIR OWN BUSINESS and LOOK AFTER THEIR OWN NEEDS RATHER THAN HOW MOTHER’S PUBLICALLY FEED.


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