Woman Climbs The Fences To Challenge A Lion! WHAT NEXT?

Bronx Zoo News

Bronx Zoo News: Would you climb the zoo fences to challenge a Lion? Even after people are shouting at you to stop? What do you think will happen if the tiger is coming towards you? A woman has done the same in Africa, and we got to know about it after watching a viral video.

A video with the captain, “I REALLY HAVE NO FEAR OF NOTHING BREATHING,” was shared from an Instagram account and soon went viral on social media. People have shared their comments after watching this woman who crossed the barriers and started challenging to the lion.

She Has Become the Center Of Critics (Bronx Zoo News)

The voices of people warning her are also audible in the video, and a man keeps advising her no to do so. “You’re not supposed to do that,” the man says three times. The woman shared this video on Saturday on her Instagram account.  It soon went viral, much opposite to your speculations, people were not praising her for bravery, but were criticizing her.

The commenters have disapproved of her gesture and shared their reviews. While some of them were criticizing her for crossing all limits for selfies and videos, there were some who were worried about the security breach.

“Please don’t cross barriers for videos,” one wrote.

“I’m so glad your CARELESS actions didn’t harm this animal.” The next person continued.

The woman ignores all the warnings and threats and keeps going towards the Lion. She has recorded the entire scene in her camera as she jumped off the fences to taint the lion. She is seen facing the lion, and the animal was continuously staring at her because she entered his zone. There is no confirmation if the Instagram account belongs to the same woman who jumped off the fences.

It does not clear if it was a happy gesture or challenging, but she was shaking her body as if to tease him. Another video shared from the same account presents her wiggling her fingers towards the lion.

The incident has taken place at the African lion exhibit, and the authorities are concerned after watching the viral video. The Bronx Zoo received a report about the incident as the woman breached the “visitor safety barrier.”

The Zoo authority has released a statement in which they have explained the laws on breaking the policies. They also suggested reminded that they have a “zero-tolerance policy” against such acts, and the rule breaker would get a punishment for it because it might result in a serious accident. “This action was a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in serious injury or death.”

Do you know what Happened Afterward?

Both the tiger and the woman who crossed the barriers are safe, and nothing happened, but it does not mean that she would not be punished. According to the police, she has got a court summons for trespass. The crime was serious as it might have horrified the animal, and he could have leaped over her in distress.

Thankfully, no accident has taken place, and everything is all right, but the fact that she shared the video could have inspired others to do so. It might influence youngsters to be as brave, and the incident of trespassing could increase if people don’t stop breaking the rules.


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