How can I eat healthily to lose weight

how can i eat healthily to lose weight

How can I eat healthily to lose weight?


To maintain a perfect body shape and having an optimum weight is what every individual dreams of today. With the busy work schedules and in between hunger strikes, it is tough to restrain from calories and to eat the right kind of food. However, if you are well aware of some food menus which are high on proteins and low on carbohydrate intake, you can achieve a dream figure and also easily maintain eat.

What to eat

Natural, unprocessed foods are always good for health. Unprocessed meats, fishes and eggs are a very good source of Proteins and also low in carb content. These foods are fulfilling to satiate the hunger. A healthy diet must also include vegetables, boiled potatoes, fruits and fresh fruit juices. You must not substitute fresh juices with packed ones. Fruits help fasten up your metabolism and they contain many enzymes. Nuts and seeds are rich in nutrition but very high in calories, therefore one should have a check on their intake.

What to drink

Shattering all the myths out there, you must note that tea coffee and water should be taken at frequent intervals to keep your body active and going. Tea and coffee if taken without milk and sugar can be very good booster for immune system. Fat free drinks like Chhach, carbonated drinks without sugar can be healthy yet refreshing.

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Eat every meal in moderation and avoid bulk eating and promote frequent meals. You should take dry wines such as Vodka which do not contain additional sweeteners.

What not to eat – One should not eat, sweets, processed sugars and spicy foods which tend to increase the calories one way or the other.

However at the same time, diabetics and medically sensitive people should not try these fundamentals of dieting. Though eating right is absolute necessity to be in right shape, one must not forget to exercise a bit as it will burn the stored fat in tissues of the body.







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