How Can You Know If You Have Heart Disease?

How Can You Know If You Have Heart Disease
How Can You Know If You Have Heart Disease

HEART- A true determination of a person’s character can be identified by his behavior, which is a shadow of his heart, mind and soul! Specifically, heart!

Heart is the primary organ for survival! Human body is a quintessence of complicacy! Ever wondered, just like the engine is the soul of the car, similarly, the heart is the soul of the body!

If a heart stops beating, your existence is lost! And everything falls back to where it had started!

There are various symptoms for detecting if you have had a cardiac arrest!

One of the major one is “Pain in the chest”!!

There is this uncontrollable sting, which slowly starts and escalates within a fraction of time! Thus, resulting in the collapse, fatigue, dizziness, pulselessness, palpitations and shortness of breath!

The cardiac arrest is the result of the artery blockage due to reasons like hyper tensions, high blood pressure, excessive mental pressure, high rate anxiety etc.

Cardiac arrest can also be a result of a sudden shock!!

Diagnostics for heart diseases:

This can be diagnosed in two ways:

ECG: Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be used to keep a track on the heart’s electrical activity. It is a painless procedure that includes the ECG cables and electrodes, being attached to the chest, which determines the rate and the rhythm of the heart beat and it also includes noting down the timing of these electrical pulses.

Echocardiogram: The procedure uses sound wave to capture the image of the heart, not only for detecting its shape and size but also to keep a track on how its valves and chambers are working. Sometimes, the doctors also check the stress level, where the heart rate and reactions are monitored, when you walk, run on the treadmill or a stationary bicycle for several minutes!

Cardiac arrest can be a result of either due to the genes in the body i.e. if there has been any heart patient in the family, then chances are that the future generation, might face it too. It can also be a caused due to various reasons like chain smoking, drinking, obesity, poor diet etc.

Regular checkups must be done in order to keep a check on the health of the body and improve it, in case any symptom is found! And As said “Prevention is better than cure”!



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