Can Marital Status Alter Physical Activity Levels?

martial status

Marital Status: Marriage is the beautiful relationship between two opposite gender people and this relationship becomes permanent after it is announced publicly and officially by the legal process. In a real sense, the bonding between the two people lasts until death. But in this long journey of promises sometimes the conflicts arise and the relationship gets interrupted, there could be logical or illogical reasons and the beautiful journey gets cut short by separations or divorce.

But anyhow, let us hope for the best and also wish the first bonding of marriage should be the ultimate and lasts till death.

But in this modern world, the distortion in the marriages has spoiled this beautiful relationship. 

Yes, it is a fact that the changes in relationships whether it is a divorce or a new relationship bring many changes in a person’s life on the physical activity of men and women differently. This was studied by “Kasper Salin”, a postdoctoral researcher from the University of Jyvaskyla in Finland. The study was published in the Journal of Public Health in which the team worked on 1,051 participants aged between 34 and 49 years. A new study showed an association always leads to reduced physical activity levels. The findings showed that men who divorced had reduced their physical exercises and in the case of women who found a new partner reduced their physical exercises. They also investigated that the socio-economic position also had an impact on physical activity. They found that men and women with the highest socioeconomic status showed an increase in the number of aerobic steps significantly over the four years. Here, aerobic steps mean steps taken for any activities that could last for at least 10 minutes without interruption at a rate of 60 or more steps per minute. This rise was observed in the highest social classes said by Salin. From the point of view of maintaining fitness, it is important to be active may be in any of the forms.

According to the researchers, it is not easy to provide a single explanatory factor about the effects of changes on physical activity in marital status.

Though the reason is not clear in the present studies, maybe further studies could put some light on it.

“Still One Should Try To Be Physically Active”


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