Are You a Cannabis Expert? New Zealand is Looking for You!

cannabis legal

The Government of New Zealand is seeking a cannabis expert with proven experience.

Ahead of next year’s non-binding referendum for legal cannabis market the New Zealand government is looking for a cannabis expert with proven experience.

Earlier, Justice Minister Andrew Little announced that “Cabinet has agreed there will be a simple Yes/No question based on a draft piece of legislation.” That means people have to vote if they want to decriminalize cannabis. However, there will be strict restrictions including special bars for consumption, special outlets for sales, and strict rules for home-grown cannabis.

That draft legislation will include:

  • Products to be bought only from a licensed and registered retailer
  • No online or remote sales
  • A ban on using cannabis publicly
  • Control on the potency of cannabis in products
  • A legal purchase age of cannabis will be 20
  • A ban on the advertising of cannabis products, those carry health messages.

According to the Job description in the advertisement, it is said that the potential applicants have to build a team and work with the Parliamentary Counsel Office on the drafting the legislation and they also have to manage the interface with the team leading on the election and referendum policy work and other key stakeholders, which includes the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, health, the state services commission and primary industries.

Though the advertisement doesn’t say how many bongs have to be able to rip or whether there will be a joint rolling stage of the recruitment process to determine the best fit for the job.

There are tons of people who are cannabis experts due to regular usage of the drug, who could be perfect for the role. The pay for the job isn’t too bad. That could be between NZD$137,479 to NZD$194,088.

So, if you have good knowledge and ‘proven experience’ in cannabis culture, you should apply for it. As you could be the perfect fit for a job that’s popped up in New Zealand’s government.


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