Catch Sight Of The Beauty Of Dolphins in Goa


Goa reeks of adventure, fun, beaches, food and what not.There are many things under the sun which can be done in Goa but do not forget to take a gander at the natural beauty and orchestration of dolphins.

Visiting Goa and not spotting and not revelling in the beauty of dolphins is something we cannot miss. Dolphins are one of the major attractions of Goa. Goa is replete with the abundant marine life.The idea of going under the water and seeing the colorful marine life of Goa is quite a fascinating one.

The beauty of dolphins in the water and the way they levitate is mesmerizing.  Dolphins in Goa too come up to the surface delighting you with their charm. The breathtakingly beautiful scene arrests you. There are many beaches in Goa which are a visual delight like Sinquerim, Palolem, Candolim and Coco beach.

It is indeed true that  there are massive Dolphin shows that go around in different countries of the world. But,  to watch the aquatic beauties in their natural habitat is one of a kind experience which gives pleasure to both our eyes and senses. Next time you’re in Goa watch the dolphins swim, play and jump like crazy.

Well,we all know that Goa doesn’t hold much when it comes to kids. Make sure you usher them along with you to watch the enchanting show of dolphins.

People can certainly go for a boat ride amidst cool breeze,. The sights of fishermen mending their nets along with the beautiful view of Dolphins jumping off to the surface makes it an offbeat experience against the party feel for which Goa is famous for.

Palolem beach is popular among tourists and if you want to spot some dolphins, the beach is lined with dozens of local boat owners. The fishermen can to take you out into the Arabian sea for a minimal fee. Butterfly Island is just a boat-ride away in case you don’t luck o0ut with the dolphins.

Coco beach , a tad bit cocnealed,  is an amazing place where you can easily flag down a boat for a short ride into the Arabian Sea to get a sight of dolphins. Make sure you go there in a group for good rates.

It is believed that the second or third most intelligent animals after humans are dolphins.  Ergo, do remember to take the lessons of life learnt from these aquatic beauties.

The dolphin show would surely make you think from a different perspective. The beauty of dolphins on the beach have a deeper meaning. Find on your own and rise in life! Turn on the metaphor!


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