Cellphone Breaks Are Not Good For Brain

impact of mobile phones

With the modernization and development new things are propping up in the market and when the things start meeting out one’s pocket then the things become much easier.  This is what it is happening with our mobile phones. In today’s hectic life everyone is too busy in meeting out their daily needs and is too busy in their jobs or business.  But whenever one gets a chance to relax always think, cell phones are best source of entertainment.

So, cell phones are used as a brake after doing hard mentally challenging tasks (impact of mobile phones). But in a recent study it was revealed that using a cellphone to take a break during mentally challenging tasks will not allow the brain to recharge effectively and may result in poorer performance.

Terri Kurtzberg, Associate Professor at Rutgers University in the US said that

Just by seeing our cellphone, our brain gets activated and quick thoughts of checking messages, connecting with people, access to ever-refilling information etc. get excited and then lots of time and our concentration and energy is spent with large number of features of cellphone.  But the cell phones are different than using computers and laptops.

A recent study conducted by researchers was published in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions, in which they had analyzed the effect on 414 college undergraduates who were asked to solve sets of 20 word puzzles.

Students were provided a break halfway of the time duration allotted to them and during that break they were asked to choose three items to buy within a specific budget. They were given three options either using their cellphone, a paper circular or a computer.

Students who took phone breaks experienced the highest levels of mental exhaustion and were the least capable of solving the puzzles afterwards.

All the students who took break on cellphone took 19 per cent longer time to do the rest of the task and also solved 22 per cent less puzzles in comparison to those who took break on computer and a paper circular.

Their post-break effectiveness and swiftness was comparable to those who took no break. Their number of word problems solved after the break was slightly better than those who took no break, but worse than all other participants who took break on computers (impact of mobile phones).

This provides evidence that by using a cellphone for a break during mentally challenging tasks does not allow the brain to recharge effectively and hence, results in poorer performance.

“Breaks Are Taken For Efficient Working (impact of mobile phones), So Instead Of Using Cellphone, It Is Better To Use Some Other Options or a Short Nap Is Much Benefitted”


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