Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Tea-Traditions

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Green-Tea

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Tea-Traditions 

Tea in India is by and large grown in the North Eastern areas and the Nilgiri Hills. Having developed since those early days, tea drinking in India in terms of its traditions has come a long way. India is one of the biggest tea makers in the world. Buddhist monks in India have utilized tea for its therapeutic and medicinal benefits since many years.

Tea is known by many names in a country like India. Chai in Hindi, Chaa in West Bengal, Chahaa in Maharashtra and Chaa in Punjab again, this most popular hot drink in India is almost everyone’s favourite. States like Assam, which obviously is one of the largest producers of tea in India, has declared tea as its state drink.

Small tea stalls at every corner of any Indian city is a common site nowadays. This is the most pleasing site as well, especially when its winters and the tea is served in Kulhar cups, earthen tea pots. The Kulhar cups give the tea a unique flavour and taste, and makes the tea alluring and hygienic.

The tea culture alone in India equals to that of all the countries in the world put together. Let’s through this article grab the taste of some of the famous ‘Chais’ served in India.

  1. Tea (with milk)

The procedure of making a milked tea is very simple and is prepared at every household, especially when the guests pay a visit. Tea leaves are added to boiling water along with milk and sugar. The flavour of the tea leaves is extracted into the boiling milk or water. The tea is filtered and is ready to serve.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Tea-with-milk


  1. Masala Tea

Masala Tea is the most popular form of tea in India. You can actually get the taste of it at every roadside vendor. This is a spiced tea, which includes spices like ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper powder, and cinnamon, along with milk, tea leaves, and sugar. Masala Chai has various medicinal benefits and a hot cup of masala tea is preferable during winters or rainy season. It helps cure cold and cough and other ailments common during winters.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, masala-Tea


  1. Red/Black Tea (without milk)

Red/Black Tea is prepared without using milk. Some people prefer having tea without milk. The colour then remains red or black. Black/Red Tea is good for digestion purposes and is light and easy to make. Some people have a regular tea drinking habit, more than the ideal habit, and therefore, having this type of tea makes them satisfied.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, black-Tea


  1. Green Tea

Green Tea has been deemed effective in initiating weight loss. It also triggers other health benefits as it helps the body to stay fit and in shape. People do not even add sugar sometimes, as they have developed the taste of this kind. Green Tea has various medicinal benefits.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Green-Tea


  1. Lemon Tea

Lemon Juice and Black Salt are added to this preparation of tea. This makes the tea more tasty and healthy. This type of tea is preferred in the state of West Bengal.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Lemon-Tea


  1. Iced Tea

Cold tea which is preferred in summers. This tea is absolutely different in taste and is served with ice in it. Tea extracts, lemon juice and powdered sugar are added to this mix.

Chai, Most popular Drink In India, Ice-Tea





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