Three class X Students from Jaipur Get Rs 3 Crore Funding for Start-up ”Infusion Beverages”


Class X students Get Rs 3 Crore Funding for Start-up ”Infusion Beverages”

Starting a business is really an exciting and adventurous thing for a newbie, but one has to face lots of difficulties to start up a new venture. A new entrepreneur require several things like funding, exact plan, deep research, suitable place, etc. As people said that experience is must while initiating a new business, but the current generation has proved that they can do anything, they are innovative and zealous and when they decide to do something then they will do it and show their skills in front of everyone.

A unique incident happened in Jaipur where three students of class x got 3 crore rupees to start up their new venture ‘Infusion Beverages’. The trio of  Chetanya Golechha, Mrigank Gujjar, and Utsav Jain  are students of Neerja Modi School Jaipur. Last year in April, a drastic change happened to their lives when they participated in entrepreneurship fest which was held in their own school.

Chetanya Golechha-Mrigank Gujjar-Utsav Jain  


In a short time period of about less than a year, they  prepared a perfect plan to start up and also found an investor who appreciated their work and was ready to invest in their ‘Infusion Beverages’ project. They have worked together for manufacturing preservative-free, flavoured water. All the three  have done deep research online to make their product and they presented their ideas in the entrepreneurship fest, but they failed to impress the judges and were eliminated in the first round of the entrepreneurship fest within an hour.

Though they were fortunate enough to get the opportunity to start their dream project. One investor from Indore took interest in their project and gave them order to deliver 150 flavoured water bottles. To initiate this task, they have to procure the license, approval from the FSSAI and essential permissions from the food department which seemed to be a difficult task. As they all were minors, their parents sought the permission on their behalf and then they went ahead with their project.

With the aim of enhancing their idea, they took part in the entrepreneurship contests at IIM-Indore and IIT-Kanpur and got wide admiration. The major boost came after Malviya National Institute of Technology (MNIT) that decided to nurture their idea. It also supported them in applying for exclusive rights, which is in higher stage. With the help of an investor, they found wings to their ideas and finally succeeded to turn their dream project into reality. This Trio has proved that age is no bar to do innovations. Anything can be possible with  hard work and true passion.


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