Cool Destinations That You Should Cover in Your 20s


Cool Destinations That You Should Cover in Your 20s

Summer break vandalism, lousy road-trips, an escape to a little holiday destination, has always been in our diaries!

 How about strolling into the guides, utterly meant for the ones in the 20’s,enveloping within it a lot of boozing, hangovers, hangouts and every possible knick knacks, solely meant to be relished in the 20’s in order to dint this golden period by a tinge of your wanderlust, thus, stashing the memories for a lifetime!

 Some cool destinations that you should cover in your 20’s are:

 Rucksack in SouthEast Asia

It has been one of the most adored destinations of the world. The tales are ceaseless with the mind-blowing, heart-soothing and soul-relishing locations, including the food-savoring stalls and boat trips in HaLong Bay, UNESCOs World heritage site of Vietnam, Angkor Vat in Cambodia, a full-moon party on Koh-Phangan in Thailand, considered as one of the wildest parties on the most alluring beaches of Southeast Asia. It is however, recommended to glide away from the fiery rope way, if you want to keep a hold on that pretty hair on your head!






 Relish Mardi Gras in New Orleans

 New Orleans is definitely the place for zesting a great booze and savoring lip-smacking goodies!


Festoon yourself out with the jazzy look of the beads from red to purple and ,make the most of your amazing time in the French quartern. It has also been known to host the po’boys, oysters Rockefeller, beignets and more.

 Attend the craziest Music Festivals

 Music is one of the most cherished pass time of the youngsters. Then here’s your time to become a part of the most ravishing music festivals across the world. From the Glastonbury to Coachella to Burning man to Tomorrow land…. and there are endless! Deck yourself into the favorite costume and get a kick out of the event with the strangers, clubbed there from across all the countries!


 Sign on for a Surf Camp in Costa Rica

 This is for the ones who always wanted to learn surfing or the ones who would simply love to do so. With the place offering multitude experienced trainers and camps to train for this adrenaline rushing adventure sport, you will soon take a dip into the water with your surfing board on your own, within no time!


 Sky Dive in Queens town


 Newzealand is one of the most beautiful places of the world, of which Queens town is an utter piece of cherry on that beautiful cake! It offers many adventure sports for the adrenaline junkies like bungee jumping, white water rafting, river surfing, canyon swinging and the deadliest Sky diving!


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