Sun. Mar 29th, 2020

Coronavirus Outbreak: “A Beautiful Video Clip of Washing Hands Demonstrated by a Teacher Went Viral on the Internet”

coronavirus outbreak

Health and Hygiene Tips

Importance of Washing Hands

As there is struggle with the battles of the pandemic Coronavirus across the globe, various safety measures have been declared by the government, doctors, news channel, health care workers and many more organizations but along with the advisory measures, it is the responsibility of we people to cooperate with the government and listen to the instructions carefully and follow them without fail, then only we can beat the pandemic Coronavirus. So, the most important is for one to be disciplined.

Coronavirus Safety Rules

Out of many instructions one safety measure of washing hands with soap and water is getting too much viral and no doubt this is very necessary not only for today or tomorrow but it should be followed as a regular practice. Now, a video of a teacher is getting viral, who has demonstrated an interesting and unique experiment for hand washing hygiene practice to her students, which the people are loving it and appreciating her approach.

Hand Washing Strategy Made Very Clear

The video clip is showing that the teacher had asked one of her student to dip the finger in a dish of black pepper flakes floating in water. The flakes have been considered as germs or viruses, and then she asks the students to observe the flakes stuck on her hand carefully. After sometime, the teacher asks her student to dip the same finger in the soap solution first and then back into the black pepper water.

With this, it was seen that the pepper flakes got repulsed from the finger. Students were amazed to see this and the teacher made them to realize how important it is to wash hands with soap.

Who so ever saw the video clip on internet appreciated the educationalist’s approach to make people understand the importance of washing hands. This also highlighted the importance of practicing good hygiene, especially at the time of a pandemic, which is very necessary. Many netizens had shared this video to their dear and near ones and appreciated her effort.

Hand Washing Video Clip Shared By People on Twitter

A Twitter user, @kamaljitsandhu, shared the clip and wrote: It is a small but effective video showed how soap acts against virus. This teacher’s demonstration is equally educative for adults too. And yes, please wash your hands repeatedly.

Another tweeted, who identifies as a teacher in their bio, shared a series of pictures also demonstrating the same experiment to a bunch of students.

It is true that one should wash hands thoroughly, prefer using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, one should avoid physical contact with people and practice social distancing; these are some of the ways experts have suggested in controlling the spread of Coronavirus. One should be positive and disciplined in its acceptance and implementation.

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