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Coronavirus Outbreak: Lady Gaga shared a Message of Hope with the Legions of Little Monsters on Instagram

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Lady Gaga recently had shared a reminder on the Instagram to accept and take the Coronavirus concerns coolly and not to panic, as it is sweeping across the globe.

Lady Gaga on Instagram

The great Hollywood singer shared a message of hope with the legions of Little Monsters on Instagram on Saturday (14.03.2020) and wrote, from Sunday she will be on self-quarantine process. Gaga was packed up tight in a black hoodie and flashed a peace sign in front of her face. Hope she had washed her hands for at least 20 seconds before taking the selfie but her fingers looked quite clean as she had showed her pink peacock feather manicure.

She said the current scenario upholds us with one fact that one should be humane and stay united to beat the problem and also one should stay united. Gaga wrote in the caption of her post. “I think it’s so important to acknowledge that we are and must be a global kind singular community. We can’t do this without kindness. And corona virus is not biased.

Lady Gaga motivated her fans

Gaga tried to normalize the uneasy feelings of her fans and told them, not to lose faith in one another.

She expressed her thoughts, this is the right time to accept that there will be times where we feel powerless and out of control, but that space can be filled with kindness and each one of us should be a part of the solution to a world problem, then we can think to control. Lady Gaga concluded by saying that we can create healing by the attitude, to be kind and to take care of each other and ourselves during the need of an hour.

Lady Gaga in the Process of Self Quarantine Due to Coronavirus

On Friday (13.03.2020), she let down her “Poker Face” and said that she will be going to quarantine self, after speaking to some health care professionals.

So, she had consulted some doctors and scientists. It’s not the easiest for everyone right now but the kindest/healthiest things we can do is self-quarantine and not hangs out with people over 65 and in large groups. Minimizing contact with people over the age of 65 means she cannot pass the time with the ones she loves most, her family.

She wished she could see her parents and grandmas right now but it’s much safer to avoid as she doesn’t want them to get sick in case she is positive to it. Though she said, she is busy at home with her dogs. She had also conveyed her love and affection to the world, and said we all will get through this. She further asked her fans to trust her, as she had a word with God, and she replied that everything will be ok.

Lady Gaga Hold Back the Love Life Due to Coronavirus

Just a few months back she had declared the news to the world that she has been dating the Parker Group CEO, Michael Polansky but now it is time to hold back for the two lovebirds for spending time together during her “self-quarantine. Gaga also shared how special their love is on social media just last week.

She captioned a cute couple selfie on March 5 and wrote “I’ve got a STUPID love,” “Take yo mama out all night,” two days later when she shared a pic with her hands wrapped around Michael’s neck.

Fans hope that they would be together because they make the cutest self-quarantined couple.

Information changes quickly so stay up to date on the Coronavirus/COVID-19 and follow the instructions set forth by the CDC, WHO, and local public health departments

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