IIT Bombay

Anything can happen in India. A recent video of a cow taking a stroll in the classroom of IIT Bombay has gone viral on social media. Some people are laughing at the incident and others are just sad to see the condition of the top educational institutions in the country.

The video clearly shows the harmless animal entering the classroom in a rather hysterical fashion. Some students were scared, some were amused, and the remaining couldn’t believe what they just witnessed. The teacher was also in shock and somewhat confused as to what was happening in the classroom. The teacher had no clue what to do next in such a situation. The cow was seen taking a stroll in the seating area for students later in the video.

The incident took place on Saturday. The classroom was located on the first floor of the campus. It is a mystery as to how the cow entered and climbed to the first floor of the building unnoticed. IIT Bombay management is not sure about the exact location of the incident. The management said that a detailed investigation of the matter will be initiated soon.

Some students said that it was raining cats and dogs when the incident happened. They believe that the cow was looking for shelter which it found in the lecture hall of IIT Bombay. However, this is not the first time when an animal entered the campus. There have been incidents like this in the past as well. Some stray cattle entered the campus and started creating a nuisance. A similar incident was reported a fortnight ago where a student was attacked by two bulls near the campus gate. Students have taken the matter to the college administration and district administration as well but sadly, no action has been taken from any of the authorities.

However, in the end, the cow did go away without creating and fuss. No one knows where it came from and where did it go. People watching the incident on social media called the cow studious and some were surprised to see such an incident in one of the most prestigious colleges in India.


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