Cutting Down Sugar in 2018


Well, 2018 is here! New year, new hopes, new resolutions. One of the most hit resolutions made by poeple is to cut down on sugar intake. It has continued since forever, and now that people are more health conscious these days, this comes as no surprise. Sugar is deadly as we are all aware of this fact. The resolution would only come through if you decide to do it seriously and with full dedication. No doubt that we all love sweet and sugary things. Forget a diehard sweet tooth, the non sweet lover also craves all things sweet at least once in a blue moon.

First things first. Starting with breakfast, make sure you do not start your day with saccharine items. Plan your day in advance. Make a list as to what to eat and what to cut from the very beginning of the day. You can include cereals, oats and nuts in your breakfast. This will help you keep full without making you keen for sugar. Make it a habit to have tea and coffee without sugar. Initially, it would be a trouble but slowly and gradually, you will get the hang of it.

Instead of adding sugar to the curd you have regularly, go for fruits. Add fruits in the yoghurt to make it sweet. It will prevent you from taking sugar and keep you healthy and fresh as well. The natural foods help you rejuvenate a great deal. Moreover, you will lose weight in the process which will make you look beautiful and healthy.

If you are accustomed to having sugar in your diet, start it at a snail’s pace. Do not go over the board at a go. Learn the art of patience. Planning to hang out with friends at a bakery? wait before you binge on that chocolate lava cake. Stop eating out and whip up your own sweet dishes at home. Ditch sugar and dive into the world of jaggery and coconut syrup, fruits or fruit jam. You can prepare your own jam at home with the help of fruits.

Do not overstuff yourself with food. When people indulge in overeating, they demand for desserts. Also, do not eat after long intervals as this will lead to excessive hunger. People consume lots of food when they haven’t had food for a long while. Pencil in the hours when you need food so that you can cut sugar accordingly.

So remember you patience and determination can work wonders. All you have to do is break the construct by cutting down on sugar. The results would be amazing but an earnest dedication is required for such a firm resolution which happens to be very slippery. Wish you a sugary life and a fantastic year sans sugar!!



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