Dangers of the declining Air Quality in Delhi!

air pollution in delhi

“Who needs instagram filters, when you have Delhi smog!!”- Tweeted a resident of New Delhi

The frightening air pollution is not only lingering over our heads but also over our health!

Let me start from what we are actually breathing!

Toss the inhaling of CO2 aside for a while as good morning Delhiites; we are breathing slaying Nitrogen, which is 300 times worse than the former!

About the Deadly gas- Nitrogen:

Nitrogen is an important constituent in the agricultural fertilizers which implies that we rely on it deeper than we think.

Nitrogen fertilizers are one of the main reasons behind the environmental degradation.

The AQI polls have encountered higher level of oxides in Nitrogen, present in the air, including the fuels on the roads, that is also contributing to the air pollution.

The major source of nitrous oxide emission is from the synthetic agricultural fertilizers.

This toxic gas is many times worse than the much lamented CO2. It is one of the grave reasons behind the depletion of the ozone layer.

Has anyone noticed, it is November and there isn’t any sign of winters yet!!

Effects of this hazy lingering smog!

Waist line increasing, brain shrinking

While, the entire world is juggling with the problem of obesity. Here there’s birth of one more to rack about. Studies have shown that with the increase exposure of our body to the air pollution, our celebral volume decreases. Thus, shrinking the brain size due to the brain damage caused by the air pollution.

It is connected with ADHD in children

Pregnant women who are exposed to the air pollution have high

Probability of delivering the children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Mental health affected

A study by the National University of Singapore has revealed that Air pollution is highly damaging to the mental health. Professor Sam also confessed “Air pollution can drain our self-control resources psychologically, causing a range of conditions including insomnia, feelings of anxiety or even depression.”

Increase air pollution is directly counter productive workplace behavior.

More serious than we realize

Air pollution is known to cause almost 12 lakh deaths in India annually. Along with the respiratory diseases, air pollution also leads to the diseases like lung cancer, heart diseases, brain and nerves damage, liver and kidney damage etc. In short, it’s very very hazardous to our lives.

How to deal with it?

Being a common man, you can take your own precautionary measures like:

Always check the AQI, before stepping outdoors. You have various apps available for the same!

Do not visit Delhi, unless the situation is under control!

Try to stay indoors, though not very ideal, yet it is better than loitering in the gas chamber outside!

Avoid busy populated roads.

Some tricks

Plant high-oxygen exuding plants indoors, to purify the air naturally.

Use a branded air-purifier at your abode.

Wear an anti-pollution mask.

Avoid the unnecessary physical activity, to inhale lesser air, thus a lesser pollution.

Select the “Recycle air” setting in your car, when you are in it!

Get Insured

As for many of you, it might be a joke, but trust be getting a health insurance is always a boon and the present time has been shouting for its attention aloud!

Private hospitalization expenses are really high and not all can afford them, hence, it is really essential.

According to the Apollo Munich 95% of Indians are not insured in which 45 falls in a really risky category.

“80% of Indians are not covered under any Health Insurance”- TOI

“82% of the urban population were still not covered under any scheme, be it public or private, support any health expenditure”- TOI

With the extreme toil on health, health insurance has become very necessary.

I wonder how the vehicle insurance is mandatory, yet the health insurance is still underrated!



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