Data Privacy is Utmost Important in Google: Said By, Sunder Pichai

Sunder Pichai

Sunder Pichai: If one talks about technology then the first thing pops up in mind is data privacy and it should be also. People have accused tech companies of playing with the data privacy and then using this data in countless ways (Sunder Pichai).

Sunder Pichai, CEO of Google acknowledged that renowned companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, and others will never misuse the data privacy of users. At Google IO 2019, Google CEO Sundar Pichai tried to appease Google users by offering new tools and said this will help users to keep their web data privacy, and reduce data collection.

Sunder Pichai, with respect to concerned over data privacy, said that Google was committed to ensuring that users are in control of their data and that they understand they can keep doing what they do on their phone and on the internet privately. If we talk about privacy and security, both are for everyone and not just for a few people and also said it is not luxury goods which will be available to some who have taken premium products and services and the people who cannot afford is not for them. Sunder Pichai also revealed during the keynote at the Google IO 2019 that a number of measures have been taken to help users keep their data private, although he was also firm by saying that if anyone is highly concerned of their data privacy in spite of high secure privacy from the Google end, then one can absolutely get out of the sight of technology companies and will have to entirely give up using smartphones and computers.

Some of the data privacy-oriented features Google have announced in Google IO 2019:(Sunder Pichai)

More Incognito Mode

The Incognito Mode, first introduced in Chrome browser years ago, has proven popular and now it is the time it becomes available in more Google products said by Google. Incognito Mode can be used when one comes to Google Maps, Google Search and YouTube. Of the three, one can already use a sort of Incognito Mode in the Search and YouTube by accessing these sites through Chrome’s Incognito Mode is already secure and good for data privacy. But the similar mode in Maps too sounds good and is really a nice movie. This will help users to see directions to a place, without Google foot aging the whole thing and noting down where you went. The Incognito Mode on YouTube and Search will also facilitate when one would access these services through apps.

Strong cognizance has been taken by the Indian government of the use of customer data and its storage in India and abroad and also focusing on different aspects of data localization in the e-commerce policy.

The Indian government has now asked the RBI, to look at concerns around its data localization rules that give authorization to domestic storage of customer data, without creating mirror sites overseas. A circular was passed by RBI in April 2018, for “data relating to payment systems” to be “stored in a system only in India”. This should not take time and should be implemented within six months.

“Data Privacy is very important but one need to understand what measures are to taken to maintain privacy as many of them don’t keep themselves updated”


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