David Warner Viral Video: Australian Cricketer’s Comical Response On Being Abused

David Warner Viral Video

Australian international cricketer and left-handed opening batsman, David Warner mostly remains in headlines due to the personal and professional reasons. Now, he has become used to the taunts he usually receives from the public due to the ball tampering allegations for which the Cricket Australia banned him from all forms of international and national cricket, and David Warner Viral Video is the best example for it.

Though the ban has ended, and the cricketer has returned on the field, as he has joined the Australian team for the Ashes series. The England crowd did not miss any chance to abuse him for ball tampering. The taunts and abuses of people no more affect himand he is only focusing on his game.

David Warner Hilarious Response to English Crowd.

Warner’s funny response to one of the people sitting in the audience has once again made him the center of limelight. It started with the Birmingham incident where the England crowd abused him, but he ignored. During the break at Old Trafford, however, he responded with this thumbs up and encouraged the crowd for sledging him. Seems Funny Right?

Watch David Warner’s Viral Video

On Friday, the English crowd abused him with words like, “David Warner you f*****g cheat,” and the Australian batsman appreciated the crowd by giving a smile instead of getting offended. The incident took place during the break on the 3rd day of fourth test match while the Australian team was returning on field. Someone from the crowd started abusing world’s sixth top test batsman with the words like “cheat” and “f***k” due to his tainted image.

The response of David Warner is something that has gained all attention, the former vice captain of the Australian team smiled at the crowd and shouted “woooo” with his thumbs up (David Warner Viral Video). It is not the only incident where Warner was subjected to the crowd’s hatred. A similar incident took place during the first test match of the Ashes series at the Edgbaston ground where people from the crowd started yelling that, “He’s got sandpaper in his hands,” while Warner was fielding.

His response was praised by all his fans as he opened both his palms, and emptied his pockets to prove that he was carrying nothing of that sort. He has just returned after his one year ban, and it is obvious that people would need some to accept, and respect him as they earlier used to do.


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