Delhi flood alert: Everything You Need to Know

Delhi flood alert

Delhi flood alert: Monsoon in India has taken a form of a flood that has already affected Maharashtra and Kerala, but now the danger has reached towards north India. The department has announced a high-alert in the states like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and Delhi. The story behind the Delhi flood alert started on 18 August when the rain started to fall. At the start, we were amazed at the pleasant weather and enjoying the day, but it soon becomes dreadful when the rain did not stop for a long time and resulted in water blockage and traffic jams.

We did not even recognize that the heavy rains have impacted the Yamuna River as the water level has crossed the danger level. The Delhi govt has therefore released a high alert for Delhi People living in low-level areas. The river was flowing at 203.37 level which was about to cross the danger level. The situation could worsen as the Haryana government had announced to release water from the HathiniKund barrage. The announcement was enough for the Arvind Kejriwal government to alert these people to move to safer places for some time.

Kejriwal to Head the Meeting after the Delhi Flood Alert

Delhi government on Sunday announced the alert, and also called a meeting to discuss the same. The Delhi CM Kejriwal headed the meeting and took necessary decisions to face the upcoming dangers.

The govt of Delhi after the meeting announced that they are prepared, and have planned everything if a situation like a flood arises.

“I appeal the people not to be scared & would also request those living in flood plains to move to safer places,” – Kejriwal

The Govt Took Following Actions after Announcing the Delhi Flood Alert

The govt has set up more than 2,000 camps for people living in low lying areas to evacuate them from their houses and to ensure their safety until the situation becomes normal. The govt has prepared these camps to ensure the safety of some 23,800 people. Apart from this, the govt has shared helpline numbers 21210849, 22421656 as the next 48 hours might be dangerous.

Other states under the threat of flood

More than 20 people have gone missing after the heavy rainfall on Saturday and Sunday and some 30 people have died in Himachal, Punjab and nearby locations. The unstoppable rain has not only resulted in the flood but has caused several other accidents such as damage to buildings, landslides and so on. The Delhi govt has claimed to have taken necessary actions to ensure the safety of people living in areas near the Yamuna River.


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