Delhi Metro Ride is costly from Today onwards, Twitter users are upset with Fare hike

Metro ride fare
Metro ride fare

Delhi Metro travelling is now expensive as Rs 10 for those passengers who travel over 2 KM in Delhi from Tuesday onwards.

It is worth considering that The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation is not in the mood of roll back the projected fare increase. This issue is another reason of tiff between Delhi government and central government again. The Central government is defending the decision of hiking in Delhi Metro by giving the reason that to maintain the world-class standards and finances it has become necessary to hike the fare. Where Arvind Kejriwal government consider this hike unreasonable and baseless.

Hike in Delhi Metro fare has been done earlier also in the month of may this year when minimum fares were increased from Rs 8 to Rs 10 and maximum fare from Rs 30 to Rs 50.

Most of the twitter users have blasted against this increased fare and they blame both central and state government. However there also some users who back this decision of increased fare as they understand that maintaining the standards of Delhi Metro is mandatory.


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