Delivery boy dared to startup a venture which is now worth millions


Delivery boy dared to startup a venture which is now worth millions

If we ever think of coming out of our comfortable skin, we can see many growth opportunities waiting for all of us but not all of us are able to take the advantages in our stride. The inspirational example to hit the bull’s eye is Mr. Raghuveer Singh Chowdhury.

Raghuveer Singh Chowdhury comes from a Jaipur family which used to struggle for a better living. Due to this he could not complete his studies and had to opt for a job. He started working as a delivery boy with e-commerce giant Amazon with a salary of Rs. 9000 per month. Carrying products on everyday basis from one house to another, he used to take a break for tea on his way to refresh himself.

However, the he could not be able to find the kind of a cup of tea he looked for. Here comes the idea with an opportunity to the this dreamer. He made a plan and started saving from his monthly income to realize his dream of staring up a venture to deliver the quality cup of tea top those in need around.

Now they have a setup and his company supplies tea within 15 minutes to those around in the vicinity. They accept orders on what’s app, message and phone. People can now afford to have a hot cup of tea made out of mineral water hygienically for a small amount of Rs.5. he started with three of his friends from a  single room and went on to supply tea through cycles and bicycles.

This is the start of a story of an entrepreneur in the making as once a delivery boy is now an owner of a profitable venture. His story tells us how the selection of opportunity and the determination both play important role in realization of one’s dreams.


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