Dengue Fever Prevention Tips

Dengue Fever Prevention Tip

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips: Each year dengue outbreak largely and occurs a huge number of deaths all over India. Dengue fever is a viral infection caused by a mosquito which spreads quickly in masses. But if certain preventive steps are implemented seriously then one can rescue its spread up to an extent. Every year during the time of the outbreak, one must follow some precautions to protect the self and the family from dengue fever. In fact, Dengue fever starts with some simple symptoms and gives an alarm, but people usually ignore it initially. So, it is always better to control the disease at the beginning itself than treating it. The preventive measures for dengue include 2 steps, firstly to stop mosquito breeding and secondly to prevent mosquito bites.

Prevention Steps for Dengue Fever

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips 1 Prevent mosquito bites

Mosquitoes are present everywhere. One must protect self from mosquito bites as much as possible. Wear full-sleeved clothes and try to cover all the body parts. While sleeping, one can use a mosquito net to ensure a good night’s sleep without mosquito bites. One can also apply mosquito repellent creams before stepping out.

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips 2 Keep the indoors safe

One’s house can also promote the breeding of mosquitoes which can make our house too unsafe. There are various factors that can supply indoor breeding of mosquitoes. Cleaning of house is the first and the most basic step advised to stop dengue spread. Standing water is the basic ground for mosquito breeding. So, clean pots or containers where water is likely to collect, it is advised not to forget. Also, never make a practice to store water to use later as these mosquitoes also grow in fresh and stagnant water.

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips 3 Keep a check on the doors and windows

When the doors and windows are open, one can directly invite mosquitoes to their house. So, keep the doors and windows closed when not in use. If there is a broken window or a door, get it repaired immediately before it allows the mosquitoes to enter your house.

Dengue Fever Prevention Tip 4 Know the symptoms

If it becomes the target of Dengue, early detection and treatment can also help one to fight the condition in a better way. It will prevent the situation and one can stop it from worsening. One must understand the early symptoms well so that it can be treated as early as possible.

Dengue fever symptoms

High fever, sharp headache, vomiting, pain behind the eyes, pain in muscles and joints and body rashes are some of the common symptoms of dengue fever

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips 5 Protect children from mosquitoes

Children are always careless and spend maximum time outdoors and remain in a high zone with mosquito’s interaction. From school to playtime, time spent outdoors can increase the chances of getting dengue fever. Make the child wear full-sleeved clothes and also use mosquito repellent. Do not allow them to spend time outside as much as possible. Try to involve kids in indoor games.

Dengue Fever Prevention Tips 6 Effective home remedies

Here are some effective home remedies to ward off mosquitoes. As the weather warms, the number of mosquitoes in the house starts increasing. In such a situation, chemicals, sprays, and refills present in the market also do not work.

If you are also troubled then mosquitoes can be got rid of by taking these measures.

  • Kapoor * Burn the camphor in the room and close the windows and doors for 10 minutes. All mosquitoes will run away.
  • Garlic * The strong smell of garlic keeps mosquitoes away. Apply garlic juice or spray it on the body.
  • Lavender * It is not only aromatic but also a great way to avoid mosquitoes. The fragrance of this flower is effective due to which mosquitoes run away. To use this home remedy, sprinkle lavender oil as a natural freshener in a room.
  • Celery and mustard oil * Mix celery powder in mustard oil and soak the pieces of cardboard and keep it at room height. Mosquitoes will not even come close.
  • Lemon and Eucalyptus Oil * After the liquid is over in the mosquito repellent refill, apply lemon juice and eucalyptus oil in it. You can apply this to your hands and feet as well.
  • Neem oil * Apply neem oil on your hands or feet or mix coconut oil with neem oil and burn its lamp.
  • Peppermint * By spraying the juice of mint leaves Mosquitoes run away. It can also be applied to the body.
  • Apply basil juice * Mosquitoes do not bite by applying the juice of basil leaves on the body. The basil plant in the home keeps away mosquitoes.

“Self Awareness And Safety Is The Best Remedy”


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