What different colors says


Understanding the meaning of your favorite color as explained in psychology.

  • Red- First prime color, red is the color of energy and action. Those who tend to like red and related shades are supposed to be passionate about every task they take in their hand. They do not give up easily and are very ambitious and determined.
  • Green- Green is the color of balance. Generally, people who look forward to win-win situations without much effort, tend to like the color green. They are progressive in approach and seek stability in every life-aspect.
  • Orange- It is the color of communication. The people who are very social and love to be around different personalities all the time, usually like this hue. The color also depicts optimism.
  • Blue- This color suggest trust. If you are drawn to this color, it depicts that you trust people and like being trusted by people. It also signifies that you are too loyal in your commitments.
  • Purple- This color is creative people’s hot shot favorite! Purple color is connected to imagination and those who feel liking for this shade are suppose to be dreamy and sometimes, even impractical.
  • Yellow- Yellow is the color for intellect people. Individual who likes yellow hue is usually cheerful and optimistic. However, liking for any dark shade of color yellow shows the person is impatient and coward.
  • Pink- Soft pink color is symbolic of unconditional love and nurturing. A person can also be labeled as bubbly and full of life if pink happens to be his/her favorite color!
  • Brown- Brown is for people who are down-to-earth and humble. The plain color relates to security, protection and comfort. A person in love with this color is supposed to be a grounded person with no material wishes as such.
  • Grey- Transition between two colors, grey shade lies between white and black, and this is what it depicts- compromise, being neither black nor white.
  • Silver- Silver color is linked to moon and feminism. People who are drawn to this hue are emotional, sensitive and sometimes, mysterious!
  • Gold- This is the color of success and triumph. Also associated with prosperity and luxury, people who like golden color are always seeking riches in life and care about their prestige in front of others.
  • White- White is the color of perfection and purity. This color attracts people with sophisticated way of living, who love to follow life’s code of conduct and seek wholeness in every sphere of life.
  • Black- Black is the secretive color. Those who keep their secrets away from crowd, hidden from the world usually develops liking for this color.




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