Different Types Of ‘Tiredness’ and Ways to Fix Them


Tiredness can destructively affect performance at work, family life, and social relationships. It is an altogether indefinite and difficult problem for doctors to investigate, and many people could not make it clear to their own doctor.

Doctors who could make out the problem of one takes it seriously and attempt to determine an underlying cause because this can give birth to many other kinds of problem which later becomes very difficult to cope up with.

There are many kinds of Tiredness and each has its own way to rectify the situation.

In fact, we’re always Tired as soon as we get up in the morning, when we take a small nap in the middle of the day and when we’re on our way home from work.

Kinds of Tiredness

However, with constant studies on it, it was found that there are five different types of tiredness, and there’s no doubt that one very often experiences them from time to time.

Tiredness 1 Energy highs and lows

Each one usually come across this form of tiredness from time to time, rather we can say daily. If one feels to have coffee or sugar to perk and bring back the energy in the middle of the day after a small nap or continuous work then one should understand the form of tiredness one is suffering from.

In this case, the blood sugar goes from high to low throughout the day, which can also make one pretty irritable.

Make sure to feed on protein and carbs, and also should not keep a too long time in between meals either.

Tiredness 2 Hollowness

Sometimes one does not get enough time to get some food into their body, could be one woke up late, missed the bus or simply due to some busy schedule haven’t been able to eat something and one still remains active and this could be sheer willpower keeping one going throughout the day.

This specifies one’s magnesium levels are low, and one needs to feed self with leafy greens and whole grains to give a good energy kick.

Magnesium calms the nervous system, regulates the stress responses and supports muscle functions so, it’s safe to say one needs it in good doses throughout the day.

Tiredness 3 Zero Stamina

If one feels that they have exhausted completely and totally deficient in energy, and have zero stamina to give to the work, then one could be low in iron.

Iron energies brain cells, muscles and tissues and can really help one for normal painless periods. If one is deficient in iron then it may leave one feeling very low and give heavy periods which nobody wants.

To overcome this, try to eat more red meat than usual, as well as a collection of green veg, lentils, nuts, and dried fruits.

Tiredness 4 No Motivation

Sometimes, if one is down on energy or feeling tired, and lack the motivation to do simple, everyday tasks.

This is very much with the deficiency of Vitamin B and due to a deficiency of vitamin Bone can also leave with poor memory and irritability.

In this tiredness, if one takes alcohol then it can mess with vitamin B levels, so if you had a very busy weekend with loads of work, and one remains very tired and irritable, this could be the after effect of it. Then one should eat loads of protein food like meat, fish, and eggs and limit the alcohol intake if one is in the habit of taking.

Tiredness 5 Tired and wired

This kind of tiredness is generally faced by 90% of the people, this is when one is absolutely exhausted, but can’t seem to rest or go to sleep.

This is very often due to more of coffee consumption. Though it is weird to accept our favorite cups of coffee may be causing more harm than good, and while caffeine no doubt gives us the kick we need, having too much can really clutter with our systems. So, everything in limits is good but overdoing is always harmful.

While sometimes we need a coffee to set us straight, but try to avoid or reduce the amount of consumption or one can always go for herbal teas or sparkling water instead.

“Believe It or Not, But It Is Sure Your Exhaustion Will Blow Away with Small Change in Lifestyle”


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