Do you know? Chromotherapy can Help us Treat Diseases


The word chromotherapy itself signifies the treatment with the help of colors. Chromo means colors and therapy means treatment. So, treatment through colors is Chromotherapy.

Sun is the major source of giving all the colors to our life and due to these colors, many of our ill effects are cured, a good source of natural Chromotherapy. Due to its creation, only the different colors are visible to us. The sunlight looks white in color but scientifically we know it is the combination of 7 colors, VIBGYOR which is very much visible in the rainbow, which usually occurs after the rain. VIBGYOR stands for the colors; violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

We receive the particular color of the sun rays according to the kind of colored clothes worn by us. If wearing white, the white light is absorbed by us. So, to take advantage of the particular color for a particular disease, then wearing the relevant colored clothes is beneficial, as it will help in absorbing the same color from the sun’s rays.

Energy received from the sun replenishes micro food, increases life force and make one free of diseases. It removes nervous weakness and strengthens the muscles. It balances the quantity of calcium and phosphorus to keep the bones strong, it keeps the skin healthy, strengthens digestive and excretory activities. Sunshine helps in mental and physical development and gives a boost to beauty. Sun rays kill germs; houses that are not exposed to sunshine have germs carrying diseases, breathing in them leads to several diseases. Chromotherapy has an amazing effect on the body.

Eating colored fruits and vegetables also gives us the benefits of different colors.

Basically, there are only 3 primary colors; red, yellow, blue and remaining all secondary colors are formed by a combination of these 3 colors:

Orange-red + yellow; Green– yellow + blue; Violet– blue + red; Sky blue– blue + white color

color therapy treatments

There is a strong connection between colors with Chakras. The 7 Chakras colors affect the body and mind in a special way;

Mooladhara Chakra (root Chakra) – red

Swadhisthana chakra (sacral chakra) – orange

Manipur Chakra (solar plexus Chakra) –yellow

Anahat Chakra (heart Chakra) – green

Vishuddha Chakra (throat Chakra) – violet

Yagya Chakra (third eye chakra)- blue /Indigo

Crown Chakra-sky blue

Ways of utilizing sun rays for Chromotherapy

Looking at Rising Sun: Looking at the red glow of the Rising Sun, many of the eyes diseases are cured. By seeing the reflection of the sun in a river or pond, eyesight is improved. While offering water to the sun early in the morning and the sun is seen through the pouring water it helps in curing physical and mental ailments.

Sunbath: Take sun rays on your bare body with the cloth covering the head and seated on a chair or lying in the sunshine, not to wear too many clothes on the body. If women do not have the convenience of sunbath, they can wear very thin clothes and sit or lie in the sun to avail the benefits. While sunbathing the head should be in the shade or covered with a wet towel or under green leaves. The timings for this bath should be between 8 to 9 am and 15 to 30 minutes of sunbath is sufficient. Thereafter, rub the body with a towel and take a bath with fresh water. A good way of undergoing Chromotherapy treatment at no cost.

Benefits: By sunbathing, there are positive effects to cure weak bones, teeth problems, digestion and diseases connected with intelligence and muscles. After sunbathing massage scientifically in the sunshine with mustard oil or sesame oil, at least once a week. While massaging it should be kept in mind that the pressure should be directed towards the heart, but, in heart patients, it should be in reverse direction. Bones and muscles are highly linked to Chromotherapy.

Chromotherapy: As already explained sun rays are white but actually, they are a combination of the seven colors. All the above-stated colors have medicinal properties that can be absorbed in water, oil, honey or ghee, etc. for bringing in the desired benefits.

To prepare charged water, oil, Honey and ghee of different required colors, one has to prepare in glass bottles. Take the desired color bottle fill it 3/4 portion cover it with cotton and cork, place it in sunshine from morning till evening on a piece of wood. During the process of preparation, these bottles have to be shaken every day and the Cotton should be replaced regularly and the outer surface of the glass bottle should be cleaned every day. If one does not find the colored bottle then cover the white transparent bottle with a desired color cellophane sheet. Water can be prepared daily and can be used maximum for 3 days. It takes 15 days for honey to get charged and can be used for 6 months, for ghee and oil; it takes 45 days to get ready and can be used for 1 year. Oil is used in external applications.  Ghee can be eaten or can be applied externally, is used on the spine and eyes. Honey is specifically used by the people who frequently travel, as water cannot be prepared by them. One spoonful of honey can be mixed in a glass of water and its benefit can be taken.

different colors for Chromotherapy

The effect and utility of different colors for Chromotherapy

Red: This color is hotter, when the body gets cold, pale or is in the state of getting blue then this is useful. It is useful in cough and cold or to rejuvenate the dead portion. It is only used externally in the form of oil, on applying on genitals removes impotency, can be massaged on aching joints, it is a remedy for arthritis, it is effective in legs, lower back, and neck. During winter it is applied on cracked heels. It can be massaged on the chest, in case of chronic cough, asthma, and pneumonia. Scarcity of red color causes laziness, excessive sleep, loss of appetite and constipation and in excess; it causes heat in the body, sleeplessness, and loss of motions.

Orange: This is slightly less hot than red color, it boosts up the nerves and blood vessels, it is a great remedy for asthma, it is also useful in joints, it increases appetite.

Yellow: This is less hot than orange color, it showers enthusiasm and happiness, it is slight laxative and facilitates full excretion of stool and urine, strengthens the brain, liver, and spleen. Develops retarded brain and heel paralysis, it is also useful in curing impotency, brightens up the dull brain. Yellow ghee is good for eyesight, also helps in a burning sensation in the eyes and redness. It should not be used in palpitations, stiffness and nervous disorder.

Green: This is neither hot nor cold but has an immediate effect, it detoxifies the body and hence it is useful in every disease. It is cooling for the eyes and strengthens it. For women, it provides relief in a burning sensation in the vagina and unconsciousness. It also helps in all kinds of fever, oozing, boils, wounds, fissures, fistula, and skin diseases.

It has a magical effect on typhoid, measles, eye ailments, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, cough, cold, piles, etc. It is beneficial in cancer also.

In all the eye ailments, green water can be used for washing eyes. If there are wounds in the stomach or intestines green water should be drunk on an empty stomach. Green oil applied on the head of a cataract patient provides relief and also strengthens the mind.

Violet: It has a cooling effect, it helps in a sound sleep, it is very effective when the lungs are damaged acutely, this increases red blood cells and cures anemia.

Blue: It is Cooler than violet. It is anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and strengthens the nervous system, quenches extreme thirst, it is an antiseptic, and it is useful in complications of the vagina, rectum, swelling of testis and leucorrhea. In diseases of the throat gargling with blue water is effective. The scarcity of blue color increases anger.

Sky blue: This is very cool. Pains caused by burns and heat gets relieved, this also has antiseptic properties, it is a tonic for nerves, for all kinds of fevers, it is extremely efficacious and stops all types of bleeding, it is effective in excessive menstrual bleeding, cholera and heat stroke. Quenches thirst and heals inflammation in the rectum. Ailments of the head and hair are cured.

It should not be used in arthritis, gastric trouble, paralysis, and acute constipation.

Sky blue oil: Strengthens the heart when massaged on the chest, when massaged on the head it cures headache caused by heat, removes suspicion, blackens, softens and lengthens hair. If massaged on the lower abdomen it regulates menstrual bleeding and cures hysteria.

Sky blue ghee: Gives relief by application on ulcers in the mouth strengthens nerves constantly, if the spinal cord is a massage with it, deficiency of sky blue color causes anger, irritability, the body heats up, loose motions, excessive laziness, constipation, weak digestion, and excessive sleep.

Quantity of charged colored water to drink age-wise

      Age                                                 Intervals                             Quantity

  • 1 day to 1 month                       after every 2 hours                      half spoon
  • 1 month to 3 months                    after 2 hours                       3 /4 of a teaspoon
  • 3 months to 1 year                        after 2 hours                         1 teaspoonful
  • 1 year to 5 years                            after 2 hours                    two small teaspoons
  • 5 years to 10 years                        after 2 hours                     four small teaspoons
  • 10 years to 15 years                      after 3 hours                       half a small Bowl
  • After 15 years                                after 4 hours                       1 small bowl

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