Do you know Ear Piercing Triggers the Intellectual Development of the Brain? Read this article to be versed with more alluring facts about the Indian traditions


Scientific reasons behind the age old Indian traditions

The entire world adores the Indian traditions and culture. Indians are known to posses higher ethical and moral values, which they have been following since many generations.

It is due to these cultures and traditions that India is termed as a secular state!

We are always taught to greet our elders by folding our hands forming a “Namaste”, women apply “sindoor”, wear “toe ring” post their marriage!!

Ever wondered why?

Well here are the scientific reasons behind these age old traditions!

  1. Wearing Bangles

 Wearing bangles directs to creating a friction, thus helping a smooth blood flow in the body. It is believed that the bangles are a way to bring back the power of the body which is flowing out. The round shaped bangles do not posses any openings and hence the power that flows out is bound to flow back.

  1. Idol worship

 This is a quintessential tradition in an Indian culture. The science reveals that the idol worship develops a good visualization in the human brain that helps in the development of the stronger association and a healthy psyche, which helps in working effectively.

  1. Applying Sindoor

 In accordance to the article in the section Speaking Tree of TOI, it is said that Sindoor constitutes of mercury, lime and turmeric. Mercury acts as a catalyst that helps in easing the stress and keeps the brain calm, healthy and active. It also helps in controlling blood pressure, libidinal energy and activates sexual drive. Turmeric has anti-oxidant properties that keep your body away from all the infections.

  1. Charan Sparsh

 We are always taught to greet our elders by a gesture of Charan Sparsh. The scientific reason behind this practice is that when we touch the feet of our elderly, the energy passes from our hands to their body and when they keep their hands on our head, then the energy is again exchanged. This exchange of energy zeal, vigor and self-confidence. The energy exchanged during the process also helps in providing motivation and strength.

  1. Fasting or Upvas

 Many people tend to fast or keep an upvas, which not only triggers the weight loss but also holds certain other benefits. We tend to eat many junkies, which are not healthy for our body and thus fasting helps in detoxifying the body i.e. it drains off all the waste from the body.

  1. Not sleeping with the head pointing in the North Direction

 It is studied that when someone sleeps with the head pointing in the North Direction then the body’s magnetic field becomes dissymmetric to the earth’s magnetic field and hence the blood pressure of the body increases, as the heart has to toil more in getting it in symmetry. It has also been studied that sleeping in this direction, results in the accumulation of the iron content in the brain, hence giving rise to several diseases.

  1. Applying Henna or Mehendi

Henna is a very powerful cool herb and also contains various medicinal properties. It is known to calm and soothe the person’s mind and heart with its cooling effect. Applying Henna on legs and hands are extremely beneficial.

  1. No meat on particular days

 Many people avoid eating meat on the particular days of the week. This helps them in balancing their diet as the intake of meat provides sufficient amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins required by the body if taken just once or twice a week. More intake of meat results in diseases like Kidney stones, piles, colon cancer etc.

  1. Ear piercing

Many girls tend to have their ears pierced at a very young age. Science reveals that ear piercing triggers the intellectual development of the brain. It also boosts the thinking power and decision making abilities. 

  1. Wearing Toe rings

 The nerve from the second toe connects to the uterus and later to the heart. Wearing toe rings strengthens the uterus and also regulates the menstrual cycle. Also silver being a good conductor is responsible for soaking up the polar energies from the earth and passing it into the whole body.


This gesture believes as if there is a divine spark in each one of us that resides in the Heart chakra. This gesture is an affirmation of the soul in one by the soul in another.


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