Do you know how HIV virus originated


Do You Know How HIV Virus Originated?

HIV is a perilous disease. It is a kind of lentivirus, which means it invades the immune system of the human body. In the same way, the Simian Immunodeficiency Virus (SIV) attacks the immune systems of apes and monkeys.

The investigation found that HIV is correlated to SIV and there are several similarities amid the two viruses. HIV-1 is closely associated with a strain of SIV found in the chimpanzees, and HIV-2 is closely associated with a strain of SIV found in dirty mangabeys.

AIDS is the stage of infectivity that happens when your immune system is poorly damaged and you become susceptible to opportunistic infections. When your CD4 cells count falls below 200 cells per cubic millimeter of blood (200 cells/mm3), you are assumed to have progressed to AIDS.

For several years, scientists theorized as to where the roots of HIV lie and how it emerged in the human population, most believing that HIV came from the primates. In 1999, a global team of researchers reported that they had found the origins of HIV-1, the predominant stress of HIV in the evolved world.

How Did HIV-1 Get Passed to Humans

The most usually accepted theory is known as the ‘hunter’s theory’. In this situation, SIVcpz was passed to the human’s body as a result of chimps being killed and eaten, or their blood getting into cuts or wounds on folks at the time of hunting. Normally, the hunter’s body would have brawled off SIV, but on a few occasions the virus accepted itself within its new human host and became HIV-1 virus.

There are four major groups of HIV strains (M, N O and P), each with a faintly different genetic make-up. This assists the hunter theory because every time SIV transferred from a chimpanzee to a human body, it would have evolved in a slightly different manner within the human body, and will develop a slightly different sprain. This shows why there is more than one strain of HIV-1.

The most studied sprain of HIV is HIV-1 Group M, which is the tension that has spread throughout the globe and is dependable for the enormous majority of HIV infections today.

How Did HIV-2 Get Passed to Humans

HIV-2 arrives from SIVsmm in dirty mangabey monkeys rather than the chimpanzees.  The crossover to human beings is trusted to have happened in a same way (by the butchering and eating of monkey meat).

It is far rarer, and there are fewer infectious of it than HIV-1. As an effect, it infects far fewer folks, and is mainly found in a few nations in West Africa like Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

So, now you are well aware with HIV infection. Remember one thing, never let your immune system to be weaken, otherwise it will cause a number of infections and diseases.


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